Today they will show you how Wigs are made!!! A wig is a head of hair made from horse-hair, human hair, wool, feathers, buffalo hair, or synthetic, worn on the head for fashion or various [More]
Winter Warz Wu-Tang Clan Winter Warz It’s on.. [Cappa] Where your sparkle at kid? Ryzarector.. [Break: Raekwon the Chef] Yes the shit is raw, comin at your door Start to scream out loud, Wu-Tang’s back [More]
(678) 664-9924 Do you ever ask yourself why is every on my team seem to be making money but me. What in the world are they doing that I am not doing? You are thinking [More]
Pat Sajak asks Vanna to remove his hairpiece after 25 years living a lie. April fools? source
The Charlie Daniels Band preforming Uneasy Rider 88′ Lyrics: Me and my buddy got us a wild hair And figured we wanted to go somewhere So we loaded up in my ragtop Chevrolet We had [More]
Our bestie, comedian and writer, Amy Sedaris, author of “I Like You” has invited us into her fabulous home! Join in all the fun as she updates Keith & Chris on her past year & [More]
A guest accuses Dr. Phil of making a fool out of him during a commercial break. Airs Feb. 8th. source
My favorite sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. source
Career Builder scores again this year. If it wasn’t a classic rule of advertising before, it should be now: you can’t go wrong with monkeys in business attire. source