OMG! Glitter Everything Makeup Tutorial | Brittany Balyn

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this remeind of claire, used pink glitter body smelled cake lmaoooo , wooo uploaded

I still love Nars Sheer Glow too! And watching people peel those masks off is sooo satisfying . . . I can almost feel the peel on my own skin as I watch, ha! Loved the video.

Congrats on getting married! Hope your day was everything you wanted! Can’t wait to see the video xxx

thebandaid says:

LOVE GLITTER! love this look 😍❤️

s says:

Who disliked 😂 nails are so cute!

Yaaaaaas. Queen is back! 💖 love u! x

omg your nails are goals

Loved the makeup ❤️ and I need that glitter mask ✨

Love your new hair and this makeup is everything🌷 Also Congratulations and to you and your husband ❤️

Oh yeah girl. Brittany is ballin. Lol.

khadija Mk says:

This make up and hair are perfection, and lets not forget to mention the beautiful ring 💍. U are ,and always going to be my favourite YouTuber. i miss u posting regularly ,but I understand why u are missing 😞🌹 .

Crisspums says:

Companies like this (and consumers) DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF GLITTER IN COSMETICS!!!!! This is a HORRIBLE mask, it literally washes all the glitter (WHICH IS PLASTIC) into our oceans. When are companies going to take responsibility. Not until we stop buying plastic products TO POLLUTE THE OCEANS!

Congratulations Brittany 🍾🎂👰🤵🏻 on your special day!💕

She reminds me of lady Gaga

Nao Cruz says:

Looooved your necklaces where are they from???? ❤❤❤

I enjoyed in a sense your vinyl pants there which were glossy

so underrated you deserve so much more attention! Love this look im livingggg x love from new zealand ❤️

So gorg!! I love this look! xo

Always love your tutorials

Yassss!!!! Queen is backkk!❤❤ Missed ya gurl!❤

EverEvey says:

Love your style 🙂 but all that glitter is SO not Eco-friendly 🙁

Omg why am I just seeing that you uploaded? I miss your videos! Love you girl! And congratulations on your marriage! So happy for you.

you look so good😍💛💛💛

Beautiful, glad you're back and can't wait for the wedding video!

Congratulations beautiful Britt!!!! Love seeing you doing another video. Thanks for taking the time to do so after I'm sure a stressful wedding! It's all over now though. Time to enjoy your life together. Wishing you & Cody lifelong happiness and love!!!

Tania Voie says:

What is the point of this face mask?

Congrats! 💍 Glad you’re back

I absolutely love this look!!! Love you❤

Love how the eyes turned out! So pretty :))

Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS LOOK! 😍 You're so great, I love you so much! Keep up the amazing work! I love it when you come out with new videos! 💕

x Gizzle x says:

U are so freakin stunning girl 🔥💋 Can't wait to see ur wedding video 😍 Congratulations from Germany ❤❤❤

Totally agree with you about Nars sheer glow!! Absolute holy grail!!! ❤️

pppotatoes says:

The mask seems soo cool for aesthetic purposes but the glitter worries me in terms of it being so bad for the environment 😭 this look is really beautiful though

Eve Bowman says:

Yes I loveeeeee Lit cosmetics! They are my go to for loose glitters! And this orange eye looks gorgeous with your green eyes <3

I don’t see your videos on my feed :(.

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