Old Man Make Up Tutorial! *using what you have*

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Sorry for the LONG video and the terrible fan noise. I was learning a lot when I did this video… The video is choppy because I cut out everything I felt wasn’t absolutely needed.

This is just makeup for a youtube video or a costume. I wouldn’t use this on a professional film. You could get really lazy with it and just draw the wrinkles and skip the foundation and “sun spots” part if you want.

Here are the products I used:

-2 bobby pins and a elastic hair tie to secure my hair. Use more bobby pins if needed.

-Straw hat I found at the dollar store

-Stila illuminating foundation (I would use your heaviest foundation, so any creme or liquid is best)

-CoverGirl liquid concealer

-Sephora Blockbuster palette from 2010 Holiday Collection. I used a purple-red lip color for the under eyes and a brownish red lip color for the “sun spots”. You can use any purplish or brownish eyeliner or lip color for this effect. Blend until it looks good.

-Maybelline medium eyebrow kit

-Kat Von D eyebrow brush (from Sephora, came in a 5 pack of brushes)

-Sephora #41 angled foundation brush used to apply the liquid foundation

-no name flat bronzer brush used to show how to shadow the cheeks.

-Bare Minerals Fairy Light (just use one shade lighter than your skin color) foundation and Bare Minerals foundation brush to apply top coat of powder.

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luke anker says:

Thanks! was looking for a tutorial for old man look for halloween. 🙂

r. luna says:

Shouldve blended the harsh edges for the other lines, but nonetheless great tutorial.

you've made a lot of generalizations.  I wonder how you will look when you're old because you will get there

Dee Reynolds.

GREEN MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BazaO97 says:

This is horrible, you have no talent.

Bekah C. says:

My brother is in a play and he needs old man makeup, I attempted it after remember all I learned from a class 4 years ago, and it didn't go good. I am going to retry in a couple days using what I learned from this x

Matt Gray says:

I don't think the final product was spot on but you are attractive so I watched it all anyway!

Wow wtf looks like props and fkn sharpie with foundation lol.

Trace P. says:

This is a good set up if you were dressing up for Halloween, but I don't know why this showed up for a cinematography tutorial

You look like a million!

Umm no just no😂😂

dressing up as an old person for school helped me so much

people why is amber what ever talking plus who ever said someone was stupid ,read your coment.

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