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Starting Vlogmas off right! Christmas Shopping in Walmart for my family and showing you all some new items I picked up from Dollar Tree to redecorate my filming background for Christmas. I’m excited to be doing vlogmas again this year. What are you most excited about??

yes, i realize today is Dec. 5th but as mentioned on my social media platforms, I upload my vlogs in order. i had to finish uploading my st. louis trip vlogs before beginning vlogmas videos.


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melia boo says:

Hey Destiny girl!❤😘

Happy Birthday Boon! My bDay is the 2n2 as well! SaggNation

Nooo how can u hate walmart! Lol I'm literally in Wal-Mart every day

27 years of marriage, you can’t even get 27 days of marriage 😂😂🤣😂🤭sweat pea I can’t I was rolling on the floor…we need her more in your vlogamas

SweetPea honestly had me SHOOK lmaoo 😂😂

I love Sweet Pea!! She stole the vlogmas😅

Love the intro girl ! 😍

Your mom need her own youtube page!! Lol

When you said the spoiler alert 🙌🏿. I realized that this year when I got online to see if they had stuff in my cart on sale.

I love this Family.. Much love from Mississippi ❤️

Look at ur subscribers girl yassss 👌🏼💪🏼💯 ur doin ur thang honeyyy, keep it up

Love your personality lol and your family is so funny


Advice with Sweet pea!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yaaasss come thru with the vlogs destiny ❤️❤️

Hey love you boo such a sweet person so try Michaels craft store or use Barbie stuff

"That was on sale from Valentine's day!" I ♡ siblings, they will let you have it, but its all love!!

Jay Jay says:

Where the meat at girl?

Sorry Destiny but vlogmas actually started a week ago …..this is bootleg babygirl…

Your Mom has the same personality like you awww

Your mom is a trip..I love it 😂😂😂

LivLuv S says:

I Love your Mom! She's Right! 27 years is a BLESSING! To 27+ more years! My Mom and Dad is 43 years! Be BLESSED! 😍

Sweet Pea be tellin it like it is. LOL Love your videos!

Tammy Slim says:

Yesssss! Sweet P tell them lol. Destiny your momz is off the chain, love her.

Piccadilly is 🤢🤢🤢

Love the intro Destiny ❤❤❤ sweet pea had me rolling lmao 😂😂

So excited for your vlogmus your intro is amazing your blogs stay lit

Lex Hall says:

Sweet pea won't lying lol 🎄🙌💃👌

where did you get the alarm clock from its cute?

Look at that left hand go to work! I love watching Vlogmas!

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