Hyrul Anuar — Cahaya (Free Download Link)

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In the album #SesebuahPerubahan, there is only one track that was fully recorded in SG. ‘Cahaya’, Track 7, was entirely composed and produced by local composer @ReyzaHamizan. The latter is a goodfriend, fellow SSP (Sang Singa Purba) alumni, and a family to my band, AltoAura.

‘Cahaya’ is not your ordinary love song, but it speaks about our connection with the Almighty and it seamlessly fits into the content of my album. Each track conveys the varied experiences I had whilst being in the industry, and enduring the challenges in the pursuit of crafting smiles on others.

‘Cahaya’ or ‘Light’ as it means in English, serves as a motivation and a reminder for us to constantly be grateful to Him for blessing us with the determination to achieve our dreams whilst upholding our humility and dignity. This track features a duet with the composer himself, who have recently produced local programme OSTs like ‘Bingit’, ‘Bila Dihantui Noda’ and upcoming singles for Rahayu Ridwan and Sarah Aqilah.

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