How to Fake Bleach for Knots Full Lace Lace Front Wigs

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How to fake bleach knots on lace wigs

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this is very helpful ty,b/c i dont have time playing doctor on my wig lol

Twitty says:

I do this. Another tip is spray some acrylic sealer on it after you do the make up and the make up never wears off

great idea..just purchase one without bleach knots ,but i am scared to dye this is perfect

Close-ups, please! Too many ladies think they hide the lace but I always see the grids AND the lace and it's embarrassing.

@orlandparkdiva yayy I'm glad it worked out for you

@danix454 ur saying the lace still shows??

Well, the actual grids still show. Sometimes I can see the actual lace material.

made this video for u hopeful it helps , check out my upgraded video

Yes, I tried this method and I still see the lace front grid. My husband and my mother told me about it and said I need to find a way to hide the grid. Back to square one I said to myself. Ugh….

the goal is to create a look that is of a fake bleach knots and ppl for get that it is the knots ur trying to make look transparent or blached not the Lace , now if ur lace still shows after the fake attempt u may need to bleach the knots after that if the Lace still shows that means you dont have a good quality lace, it may not be the knots it may jus be the lace v=3An_LJzleFs&feature=related

Kia Moore says:

French lace grids and knots are more difficult to conceal that the ones on SWISS lace. So for the ladies having trouble hiding the knots and such, check to see which lace you have. It may help determining the method that best suits your unit. 🙂

Do you really have to use a CD? Lol

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