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Hello Best friends I hope you all are having a great day! In this video we will be discussing the differences between the two products. We will be going over the categories accessibility, cost, texture, how long do these products last, residue, and breakouts. And at the end I will help you pick what product is best for you specifically. Hope you all enjoy!!

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Greta says:

Thank you so very much for this comparison between these two products. I found your comparisons very informative, it help me because this is the first time I'll be wearing a lace front wig, and I was wondering what to use for helping lay down the lace with out having to keep it on another day. I'd like to take my wig off to I wouldn't wanted to keep it on to three days. Thank you again so much , very thorough review!

Walgreens is expensive but they aren't. You have to catch them on sale and stock up. I purchased Got2be gel and freeze spray at Walgreens for $3.99 each and I cleaned 'em out. I haven't tried Gorilla Snot, but this method is good at any Walgreens and their products. As of now no issues with breakouts and it's been 24hrs, good sign as I typically break out within an hr or 2 ….. talk about sensitivity smh. I will try Gorilla Snot next when I catch it on sale.

I like you and I subbed 😊😊😊 could you check me out and email me tips? I def love your videos and I subbed because i love your personality. Can't wait for morreee and mooooorrrreeeee!!!

Got 2b spiking gel is meant to spike up your hair much like seeing a rocker on a concert stage and your supposed to washout the glue of the hair…
Not meant for lacewigs. 🙂

Good review! I actually prefer the Gots 2b Glued. No break outs or itching for me with the Gots 2b glued. I'm currently at day 5 with my application and loving it!

best friend the yellow gorilla is sooo much better lol

Girl I am a new incomer on got 2b glued and I had the same problems same problems. I do not use the Gorilla Snot I use something different I only ben using it for awhile but if it works I will share it with you. Love Toshy

Very thorough, thank you!

how do i get rid of the residue first frontal and I'm dying 🙁

Naomi Joy says:

love your channel, new subie, love your personality please keep doing more video!!

washing my face is the main reason it lifts

can yu review the osi cling

which is better purple bottle or yellow bottle of gorilla snot?

Your vibes are so bueno!! 💞 I loved this review, I'm literally so indecisive about hair products. Your vid was superbly helpful!! Thanks girlie! 💞✨

Would either keep my hair on in a roller coaster (with pins too)? Lol. But I'm kinda serious.

The yellow gorilla gel is better my brother used it and it holds up forever

Thank you… this really helped me

Rite Aid and CVS keeps Got 2 Be Glued in stock.

Best friend you are so cute and I love your personality

Chelaire33 says:

I noticed you said you were in Chicago in one of your videos, do you do frontal sew ins?

Yessss it broke me out toooo. I was like wtf

Mia Bodie says:

First time Wig wearer..great advice…

Love your eye color very pretty I just purchased the gorilla snot in the yellow bottle so thanks for reveiw very informative, & yes I do see sum Toni girl:)

Lol why didnt you say the actual prices

When using the got2b glue, layer TWICE for better hold. Cool after 1st layer, then once it's tacky apply another layer then cool again. No residue, no issue with edges. Longer hold!!!!

I enjoyed your video. ☺☺

Say it with me nwanne it's Ah-daa-mma not dadma correcting you out of love my Igbo sister.

talk too fucking much man let's get to the main focus lmfao no offense lol but girrrlllll lol thank u for video

刘凯琳 says:

Does this product dissolve in water? I want to go swimming in my lace front but I don't know if this would hold up. I don't plan to go completely underwater as I never do anyways, but I want to be sure the product won't start washing off from being wet.

The hold should be 20 max. Great review though, appreciate your honesty.

Dani Alise says:

I loved this video you were so informative and energetic! I've gotta check the blog now lol

thanks for letting me know to go and purchase gorilla snot

Your hair is flipping AWESOME!!! Where can I find it???

Sally Rowe says:

she reminds me of toni Braxton

Keep using it yall gonna be some bald headed birds Lmao!

Oh my gosh I'm a bald headed bird too lmaoof!

Any small youtuber want to support each other? Subscribe to my channel, like and comment and I will subscribe, like and comment back 💖. let's make this work!!!

Very good vid. I use both products as well. But the gorilla snot, I got from my hubby. It can tame the heck out some grey hair. Now it works for wigs. Cool!!

I use the yellow gorilla snot gel and I use it for sleek hairstyles and it lasts me a week

MsReddbull says:

does either of the products have pork in them?

u can find gorilla snot in mexican stores too

Has anyone tried mixing the 2 products together? If so what were the results?

I think u should have said it depends how you use it how you apply it is how long it will last

Thank u so much ive been literally surfin thru youtube 2 find a glue dat will only last me a day! I wear a lot of color synthetic wigs 4 work & I like 2 switch it up on a dAily of course without loosing my edges! U really helped a lot will be buying the gorilla snot today

She looks like a blend between Toni Braxton and Remy ma to me. Soo Pretty .Hair Slayed !

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