Cosplay/Sewing DIY: Voltron Green Lion Onesie/Kirugumi

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Hello everyone! Today’s video is going over how I made this onesie/kirugumi based off of the Green Lion from Voltron ^^ This was a gift for a friend but I’m really tempted to remake another for myself (or at least some other pajama-type cosplay stuff) because it was seriously the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn (●♡∀♡)

—More makeup and cosplay —

Onesie Design Reference:

Items Used & Links:
2.5 Yards of Green Fleece
1.5 Yards Light Grey Fleece
.5 Yard Black Fleece
.25 Yard Yellow Fleece
.25 Yard Light Blue Fleece (I suggest looking in the remnants section at the fabric store since you only need a tiny amount of this fabric)
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Music Credits:
Tobu – Good Times [NCS Release]:

Tobu – Life [NCS Release]:

Tobu – Sound of Goodbye [NCS Release]:

Tobu & Itro – Sunburst [NCS Release]:

RetroVision – Puzzle [NCS Release]:



MontyBeth says:

From start to finish, how long did this take you?

This is BEAUTIFUL!! You are so CREATIVE!!

Aub Youngs says:

Lmao! I was searching how to make a green lion onesie, but couldnt find any videos! Thank you so much for making this!

Oh my god, this is adorable and I'm so tempted to make it. <3 <3

Tysm for making this I've been wanting to make a full set of the Voltron lions for my friends and I and this really helped I can't say thank you enough cause I'm rlly bad at making templates

I wish i was talented to make this lol

this is sooo cute!!<3 you just another sub

This is great! thanks a lot ^-^ where did you get your fabrics from?

Mae E says:

I really want to make this now. 💚 Also, may I ask what wig you used?

Absolutely love this may end up paying my friend to make this for me cause I have NO PATIENCE what so ever but will try thx! Definitely a new sub

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I've been scrambling for a cosplay that's not expensive and that I can make in time for NYCC and this is simple yet so amazing! Thank youuuuu!!!

egg man says:

oh my goodness this is amazing. id never be able to make one of these as i am terrible at creating clothes. is there any way i could purchase one?

Ahhhh I can't sew or cut fabric worth shit bc I always mess things up-
Lmao could you make me one for my Pidge cosplay and I swear I'll pay you whatever you want :')

Do you think you could make a vid or sketch out a Black lion onesie please? I've been looking everywhere for a decent pic or diy vid and can't find one. Also how much was it to make?

I don't have a sewing machine, but if I wanted to make this, could I make it by hand? I saw that some of the things you did needed special equipment or settings.

Hi everyone!
I'm currently not using this account anymore, so if you have any questions about my tutorials you can ask me on my tumblr ( and I'll get back to you!

This is amazing! Pidge/Katie is my favorite! I need to ask my younger sister who her favorite Palidin is so I can make her one for a Christmas present. I think it’s either Lance or Keith.

Are you able to use a pattern like this for all the lions or does or only work for the green lion

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