Baby Hairs-Natural Hair curly puff(highly requested)

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Baby hairs is a must when I do my curly puff. Only because I have a big forehead! On my natural hair I will show you how to lay those hairs down. This is a highly requested video. You will see how simple it is to do and it can be done on old hair. I hope you enjoy episode 2 of vlogmas!!!

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Silah Mae says:

I like the way you think with that hair tie. Even though there was a mistakes it still looked nice. Thumbs up girl. Old subbie supporting always , hope you do too girly !

kaygeorge says:

Baby hairs on fleek!!!

Super adorable i love it..

RitaRiri says:

Beautiful as always 😍😍👍🏽

my go to look! Hoping we can support each other on YT! Just subbed # 524✨

Anna Bella says:

Baby hair on fleek 😍u have very beautiful hair hun n I love d style,tfs👍🏼

like it especially the forehead.😀😀😀

This is very simple and easy to do. Thanks for this video.

Swtsade J says:

Really cute. I Love my puffs.

Very good presentation and information! That introduction made me smile with glee! Keep it going!👍😄

Beautiful style dear tfs

Penny A. says:

Yaaaaay💃🏾 go u😍 I love it and thank😘

Love your hair nice curls thumbs up full view.

That was so cool ! I love the shoestring and toothbrush idea. Beautiful 🙂

I love your hair doll!!
I wish I had curly hair 👆🏻😘

Very cute . When I leave my hair out I sometimes do that or hubby do it for me 🙈🙈🙈.

I don’t think I tell you enough how much I love your hair😍

I like this hair style too. Sometimes i get my hair styled this way. Sometimes it work easily again. Your hair looks so good. Thanks for sharing

Wow super cute 😍your hair is beautiful 😘

Thank you for this because I actually no clue how do puffs and i think they are sooo cute

love it, it's soo cute! 😍

Drop like friend nice video😘

Love love love the hairstyle. The baby hair really soften the look. Makes me want to take my weave out and lay mine 🙂

you have some really nice natural hair lol cant forget the baby hairs overall this look looks great on you 🙂

Very nice tip love your back drop so pretty😍😘😘😍

Melitta B. says:

You have soooooo much hair omg 😮. 😘

Good instuction video, very useful 👍

OmoniCurls says:

Your hair is so beautiful I love it

MJ Baby says:

Such an amazing video! Always looking beautiful girl !

your hair is just growing boo! liked #22

That's a cute intro and a lovely backdrop! 😀 Great job on your puff and those beautiful little baby hairs! Thanks for sharing. 😍👍

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