Accio, Nerdfighteria! – P4A 2017 – The Harry Potter Alliance

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A parody of Hank Green’s “Accio, Deathly Hallows!” to promote the Harry Potter Alliance and celebrate the Vlogbothers’ community.

The HPA’s website:

Vote for them to win money from the P4A:




That french horn was beautiful.

I very much appreciate your making a video promoting the HPA, as I think it's a fantastic organization, and I loved your parody at the start of the video!

oforth says:

such a great use of a Hank cover

THIS WAS AMAZING! Such a great video and an amazing cover 😀

I love the HPA! Happy P4A!! Thank you for a great parody!! DFTBA!!

This was fantastic! Your instrumental part cracked me up! Love the HPA

This was so great! I loved your parody song!

I'm going to leave you a few comments to rack up those donation pennies.

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