3 Part Lace Closure Sew in

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Watch as I braid the base for a 3 part lace closure using NO adhesive!

This client provided her own extensions, I am not aware of the company.

For items I use/displayed in this video:

To see the sew in process click here:

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Did you sew down the front of it like you usually do?

how close did you sew her tracks ? & how many bundles did you use ?

Have you done a video on how you pluck the FRONTALS and CLOSURES?

I wish I could like this a thousand times 😊 great job per your usual 👌🏽

Hey sis all I can say is just beautiful dang I need some Hands-On class with you thanks for #Keepssupportingsmallchannel like mind God bless peeps #checkoutmychannel

I don't have any questions, just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy watching all your hair videos and appreciate your skill and talent!

Prime1018 says:

Thank you for showing this. I recently got my hair done, sew-in and closure in NYC. The next day, i am feeling the top of my head, and I am like, shouldn't there be an a track right next to the closure instead a big gap of space. But then I was doubting myself since this "stylist" is well known. Once again, thank you!

I love your vids they are very helpful u taught me how to put my closures on!! I'm still in the trial n error stage tho😘😘😘 thanks girlie keep up the good work n thanks for sharing

No Questions, but I swear you got skills for sure, That closure is flawless!! Love it

Wow I have never heard or seen this before. I love it❤️

Can you please show how to lay the lace flat around the hair line. That's where I have the most problems.

Do you secure the front in anyway so that it doesn’t lift up

So your supposed to put the closure a little bit in front of your edges? How do you make it lay flat though

TheKenya2 says:

How do you know how much to space the tracks so you won’t run out of hair?

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