Wig Talk: MODEL MODEL Wig, Affordable wigs for naturals on a budget, Honest Wig Review| Osa Osula

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Hey everyone just a quick wig talk video. I just want to keep the party going with another wig talk video. I needed to take some time out in this video to say, Im not here to sell you anything. I will always be upfront and honest with you when I do sponsored videos. Thank you for always tuning in and for all the support. Please enjoy, any questions or comments please leave it below.
Giving a thumbs up means you liked the video, not that you liked the way the wig looked on me :)… Thumbs up and share the video :).

I purchased this wig.
Go to any beauty supply store.
Brand: Model Model
Style: Jina
Cost: $18-$21
Hair Type: Synthetic

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Share me with friends and family, you should already know any information you’re getting on this channel is real and sincere and I am sharing it because it actually works. I too have been dupe by other vloggers and I pride myself in having integrity as I vlog.

I want to personally thank each and everyone of you for supporting my channel, even as I try to find my lane. As many of you know youtube isn’t my main career. I am a teacher by day and vlogger by weekend. So getting quality videos out to you each week can be tiring, but I love interacting with each and every one of you. I hope you can see all the positive changes I have made this year and I look forward to seeing where my channel can go from here.

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Mary Soro says:

I love you tho..you strong 😘😘😘😘

J ShaNee says:

I don't wear wigs but I enjoy your content. Keep them coming!

lol I'm in the same category.

love you and your Chanel. don't let anyone stressed you out. keep doing you.

Tree Green says:

Don't apologize. You don't owe anyone any explanations. However, this just proves that you're as real as they come. I love this wig and the video.I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself. If it happened to me…I would simply block them and allow them to believe whatever they want to. Always remember…Misery loves company! Lol!!! Thanks for the information.

A big thumbs up for the first 2:12 mins.

Jo says:

people got real bold in the other comment section. you handled it well sis.

Love your channel. Sorry people made it a negative experience for you for a minute.

you need to remember to focus on your content and what you decide to put out on this site and online. No need to explain anything to ppl who don't know what or why you do what you do. the intro to your video was more than 2 mins long explaining about another video. I wanna see my own ppl succeed. please don't let others get to you to the point whee you're explaining yourself. It can be very overwhelming. Side note: You look beautiful! the wig looks very nice on you. 🙂

This looks good on you. Thanks for talking lol sometimes its good to express how we fell and not just keep it in 😍😍

this wig looks great on you! btw…you are always clear. I never thought for one moment that you're trying to sell us. you come from a place of truth and experience. I enjoy and appreciate vids. keep them coming.

Awesome wig! Would have loved seeing the back though!

Haters will hate! Do what your are doing? Miserable ass people like to make other people miserable.

Jodian j says:

You are so beautiful

St. Sade says:

The wig and makeup, I like. Looking good…👍👍👍.
I hope it's not too much hair for my bulbous head. I would have to try and see. Thanks for sharing.

Giving me Olivia Pope. I love this wig and I loved the pink one. I just made a purple wig for my birthday. People need to learn how to have fun sometimes lol

Emmia B says:

Now, this wig is on poinnntttttt…..it looks really good!!!!

I love what you do. I'm about 4 1/2 months in on my natural hair journey & you have given such great advice. it's greatly helped me especially being 4c. you are truly an inspiration!
much success sis?

When people are boastful and rude it's just their insecurities speaking because confidence is silent. OSA carry only impeccably as always.

L Thommas says:

it looks good. Im normally not a fan of "full" wigs mostly cuz they look "wiggy" but this looks great!

Nee Nee says:

Nice and the price wow wow wow. Ok forgive me if you've answered this already but I dont read other comment and am pretty new here. Started watching you natural hair tutorials and have never worn a wig. Do you have a wig 101 video? Like how to put one on etc…

Only morons would think otherwise. You're a star to me and the only Youtuber I trust when it comes to almost everything – makeup, hair, dating, hats, etc. Long life fan and friend in my head. Thank you for sharing.

Korus Bird says:

Love the look on you. I wear wigs to protect my hair. Im aneamic so my hair needs extra care iron supplements, jamaican black castor oil and all that. Could you please fo a video on what kind of wig cap to wear under a wig. Im afraid the wig might be rubbing against my edges.

Hi there, I recently found you on Youtube and your information is on point and useful. Thanks for the info girl, keep it up. i especially liked the info concerning steps b4 flat ironing. Thnx again.

This wig is FAITHFUL! I wore it for almost 3 months lol And I plan to get another one because it fits my face so well and the curls last long. Love it!

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