Wig from the Past. It’s a wig magic iamahair.com

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Hey Lady you did not provide the information at the bottom.

STL CHIC says:

Hey love the wig and miss seeing you. Can you please post the link to the wig.

L Bee says:

Hey Star. SLAY SIS

If your wig doesn't look like the video that's because you didn't play with it!!! Brush it, run your fingers thru it, make the wig yours! You can't just put it on your head & expect it to look good

you cute boo, great review as always

Very pretty, makes me want one😍

You are a slay sister. Cute unit.

Bought this exact brand wig this past weekend…Horrible! The only curls I had were in the back, it basically looked like the humidity made them fall. So disappointed 😩

Liked and shared! You did it again 😘😘😘😘😘😘

I love your videos and I.have a small head and no hair do to a illness,so I have a lot of different wigs so glad that I ran across your channel…

nikkinik26 says:

This one looks real good on you too!

Looking Fabulous as always. 💋

K love says:

Slaying that blonde hunee!!!! I see u Star 😜👌 it looks gorgeous on you!!!!

I love it and that color on you looks great.

Heyyyyyy Star….You slaying as always Babygirl!!!

What wig are you wearing I so need it for my bday…its beautiful on you

Hi there Ms. Shining Star! I didn't really care fire this particular wig. She looks "wiggy" to me, however, you still look good in it (if that makes any sense). Maybe because it's blonde. But anyway, I just wanted to say that I love love love all your wig videos and I want to encourage you to continue the great job you've been doing. ❤❤❤


u slayed tf out this wig i was like biiiiitcccchhhh lmao

That's so sexy….. 🙂

Kimmie B says:

Beautiful as always! I am going to be adventurous & get my first blonde wig & Magic is it! I cannot wait!

On everything, you and Ella Tha Boss are the reason I started to wear wigs. Thank you and I lovvvvvvveeeeeee it on you. You are an inspiration to me and thank you.

Cute, I also like your introduction wig where can I find that?

Jas Nicole says:

Absolutely beautiful😍😍

Glad to see you back Diva! And thanks for the review I am ordering this unit ASAP!

I just brought it's magic for my daughter for her Quinceanera in this color, praying she likes it… it looks beautiful on you ,can you tell me the wig your wearing in the first part of the video please and thank you

It is cute! Mine did look Church lady-ish. But I think that you just style yours better than the rest of us because it looks good and it started off church lady and then you got it to fab.

I love your color wigs so much but im a chocolate girl. Do u think they would look nice on me.


What is the wig you are wearing

Yesss I am feeling both blonde units on u. Just gorgeous 😘

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