Tutorial: How To Make a Full Lace Closure Wig (Beginner Friendly)

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1. https://www.amazon.com/Mesh-Dome-Style-Wig-Cap/dp/B00JMQH16E/ref=sr_1_2_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1479354185&sr=8-2&keywords=qfitt%2Bwig%2Bcap&th=1

2. https://www.amazon.com/Pack-Qfitt-Deluxe-Stretch-Weaving/dp/B010R21ZT0/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1479354185&sr=8-3&keywords=qfitt+wig+cap

How To Make a Lace Frontal Wig:

Customizing My Lace Frontal:

👉🏽How I Install My “U Part” Wigs:

👉🏽How I Make My U/V Part Wigs:

👉🏽Bleaching Knots on Closure:

This Hair’s Review:

Hair Details:
Peerless Virgin Hair
Peruvian Straight Hair
20 22 24 26 Closure: 18

Peerless hair shop link is:

Peerless Peruvian Straight bundles link:

Peerless Peruvian Straight closure link:

Peerless Hair Installation Date:
October 19

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Do you place the lace closure in front of the cap??

Hello, Where did you purchase your mannequin head?

Do you think 2 bundle and a closure of body wave can make a wig lengths 16 & 14

Jami J says:

is this a free part closure?

Nai La'Nae says:

Do you still make wigs for other people?

How close did you make the tracts? Like what was the spacing?

Do you move the closure a little above the cap?

Hey I make wigs for reasonable prices check out my instagram @princesswigs_

what about the flaps in the front of the wig cap? did you sew hair onto that part? I have the same wig cap and a bit confused about that part

Someone should make a tutorial just a knots because mine always come undone.

next wig tutorial can you do a close up on the knotting

You make it look so easy uugghhh lol but imma try it. Wish me luck 😆

Are you able to part your hair in any which ways?

Is there a link where you got your canvas wig head with stand from?

is a plain cap or mesh cap better?

Georgieds says:

What I don't get is if you are sewing the lace closure straight to the cap then surely you then have the cap between your scalp and the closure? Meaning there would be loads of that black mesh under the closure making it look unnatural? Or am I missing something lol

I made a wig already, but when do you know to carry the hair further over than where it is started at the nape?

she seriously shows everyone that you can be pretty with braces too.

gabbyd98 says:

how long did it take you to make this wig?

darian says:

Chrissy. Thank you so much for uploading this detailed tutorial. I've been following you and watching this particular video for THEE LONGEST and you inspired me to get all the materials needed to make a wig and…great news.. I made my first wig and it came out GREAT!! I've been getting nothing but compliments on it and some people even offered to pay me to make theirs lol. THANKS A MILLION!!!!

Dee Rose says:

I love your work… love the clear voice over aswell… well done

Does anybody know the name of the pins shes putting in for the closure to stay in place?

plxnetjazz says:

This video was very easy to follow, definitely going to be making a wig soon.

Shay J says:

Question…… are wigs supposed to feel a little heavy after u make them?


When making a wig, is it a must to use a black dome cap or is it fine to use dark brown dome caps also?? My beauty supply store was all out of black and i was wondering if the brown was fine ?

Can't wait to get my hands on some bundles now!!! Thanks sis 👸🏾👸🏾💙

How did you sew the closure in the middle but then shift the wig to be in the middle?

PLEASE, where did you purchase that stand you have the wig head on; I KNOW amazon has them, I've seen them, but where did YOU purchase yours and PLEASE give me the EXACT LINK PLEASE and do you know where I can purchase the wig cap for LARGE BI HEAD PPL hahaha?

Nana Jay says:

This video helped me so much when I made my wig yesterday for my first time I think I did pretty good. The only problem I had was with the closure. For some reason I can't get it 100% flat and I ended up overprocessing the closure so it's shedding like crazy and balding. Any who thanks so much for the video !!!

Can a hot glue gun be used opposed to sewing to secure the closure?

Mekel says:

Loved this! What inch wig head do you have?

If you don't mind me asking, what did you use to make your intro?

I just used this video to make a wig for myself and it turns out so beautiful. So happy I was able to achieve it. Thanks for uploading this video

YASS! Can I get a like for being a cousin as well. lol

Love your information on how to make a wig

Thank u love, cuz I'm getting tired of spending extra money for people to install my hair!

where'd you get the elastic band?

How did you sew on the 2nd elastic band? And if I don't sew on a 2nd one will the wig still be secure enough?

How do you make the wig fit your head?

Owww I seen them xo balloons! Automatic fans now 😂

What dome cap do you use? What done cap do you recommend? Or does it not really matter? I am looking at the Qfitt Dome Cap

Karen Cas says:

For beginner friendly tutorials, since I'm a beginner, I find the fast motion video not helpful at all. Everything you're instructing is too fast. I won't follow this tutorial because of that. Even if this tutorial was 30 mins, I wouldn't care as long as it was informative and easy to follow.

So I finally decided to make my first wig to do with the help of your how to bleach your lace closure and this video! 😍 Thank you so much. I’m not done yet though. Still have 2 more bundles to go.

ENaTasha W says:

Yasssssss! Thx doll!!! 💇🏾💆🏾

Can you wear this unit in a side part & then move it over to make it a middle part?

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