Trying $3 Items I Bought From Wish! *SUCCESS!!*

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I was SO impressed with the cheap af items I purchased off Wish!
I tested $3 clothes, beauty tools, CRAZY items & more!!
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You're so freaking beautiful and amazing

Ali Awais says:

Are you single ? 😁😅

Hi plzz replay I want to know if u like burgers or pizza's

Evie Evley says:

Omg ur so peng honestly I love you loads please dm me on Instagram xx

Please do more videos like this

I love you please reply to this I love you so much!!!!❤️

Ily plz can I be on your sc I'd be sooooo great full x

RobynA 21 says:

I love you so much please follow my YouTube your the one who inspired me and I met you in Leeds last year you are so amazing and even prettier in real life I love you xxxx

I liked the sun glasses 🙂

Hi everyone Im a small youtuber who is workin hard to expand my channel. Any other youtubers wanna support each subscribe to my channel and comnent done and I will sub back Thank you

# k says:


Hi Millie from where you bought the pop socket (the moon )??

Can you Please do another one of these videos please!!!!

Hey Millie 👭 I'm that obsessed with your channel & videos I am binge watching your videos all over again & one thing I wanted to ask if it is a song what is the name of the incredible tune in the background or was it a sound with your editing software 🤔

gav r says:

Pls do it with Dresses on "WISH",heard alot about it's bad quality but wanna see your reviews.


Those sunglasses are gorgeous!

Lol that butt lifting pant

Use promo code hptvtfz on wish app to get up to 50% off your first order 🙂

First video I've ever watched of yours, but I subscribed- thank your mom! She's awesome! Actually your relationship did it! Y'all are adorable!!

Jdiva54 says:

love wish, I bought their rings that r .925 silver & gold filled rings & earrings. can't go wrong.

Alexa N says:

can you do a hale on the website romwe

Get 50% your first order with this code hkcyrgf it just gives me 50% off my second purchase

Chloe Tait says:

Do a buy things off of Joom !

Do some more hauls on wish

Do u know about a thing called knife for open pack?

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