Synthetic wigs are plastic, so hot irons can melt them or do some damage. Here’s a method i do to get curly wigs silky straight. Remember, if it’s not straight enough the first time, you [More]
beetlejuice the funnyest man alive source
What happens when goths knit? Bad sweaters. That’s what. source
Beetlejuice from Howard Stern Show. source
Today they will show you how Wigs are made!!! A wig is a head of hair made from horse-hair, human hair, wool, feathers, buffalo hair, or synthetic, worn on the head for fashion or various [More]
Winter Warz Wu-Tang Clan Winter Warz It’s on.. [Cappa] Where your sparkle at kid? Ryzarector.. [Break: Raekwon the Chef] Yes the shit is raw, comin at your door Start to scream out loud, Wu-Tang’s back [More]
(678) 664-9924 Do you ever ask yourself why is every on my team seem to be making money but me. What in the world are they doing that I am not doing? You are thinking [More]
Pat Sajak asks Vanna to remove his hairpiece after 25 years living a lie. April fools? source