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Tutorial on how to ventilate a wig or closure using a latch-hook. source
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Real Talk: Wigs 101 Plus (synthetic wig maintenance) & Healthy Natural Hair Journey DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any mentioned companies. I am not a cosmetologist, hair stylist or wig expert. The opinions are [More]
I purchased this synthetic wig for for $29.95. I love the style, the color, and Iove the compliments I have recieved when wearing my new wig. I am confident that I made the right [More] THE VIDEO: Director/DP/Art Director/Editor/Colorist: Zia Mohajerjasbi Producers: Hollis Wong-Wear, Zia Mohajerjasbi, Sam Toloui Associate Producers: Amaniel Gebregiorgis, Tricia Davis, Nick Zieber Gaffer/Key Grip: Steve Failows Grips: Futsum Tsegai, Will Foster, Rezene Tsegai, Ryan McNamee [More]