Top 10 Christmas Couch Games – Actualol

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Play board games without leaving the couch this Christmas!
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10. Colour Brain
UK –

10a. Mr Lister’s Quiz Shootout
US –
UK –
DE –

9. Mafia De Cuba
US –
UK –

8. Balderdash
US –
UK –
DE –

7. Jackbox Party Pack
US –
UK –
DE –

6. Monikers
US –
UK –
DE –

5. Hive Mind
US –
UK –
DE –

4. Scrawl
US –
UK –
DE –

3. Crosstalk

2. Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
US –
UK –
DE –

1. Kokoro: Avenue of the Kodama
US –
UK –

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sethzard says:

The facebook link doesn't seem to be up yet.

Actualol says:

Happy Christmas everyone! To enter to win the eight games, share the Facebook version of this video with your Facebook friends, here:

SUCH a good idea! We're all going to be drifting in and out of food comas on Christmas morning. What a great selection! (not bias because we're in it, we LOVE all of these games!!)

David May says:

Oh God I can't stop laughing at [some reference Americans will get]

WayOfFire says:

LOL I just asked my friend to smuggle me back monikers from America and now Amazon decides to sell it at £22 instead of £40+. Well least this way I’ll get all the expansions.

I’m liking the mini boxes for Boulderdash and Mr Lister. I think my mr Lister copy is three times bigger.

Martin D says:

"Nothing of any value in life have been achieve while standing up!"

So you're saying we should … shut up and sit down?

JF says:

Barry sounds like my kinda guy.

Brilliant as ever….thanks Jon

Adam Woods says:

The Christmas videos are allways a treat. Thanks John!

Semi Co-op says:

Timmy! (also: great video, Jon! <3)

Renzuo Ong says:

Timmy is Hilarious! Love these top 10s! =)

"Sitting at a table is the standing up of sitting down." Gosh dang it Jon, that was great!

Qwixx Deluxe with a make shift dice tray.

"Rudolph the red nose reindeer had a very shiny…face" Mega Lolz 😂😂😂

What a wonderful video!

Sorry what is happening here? I was just lying on the floor waiting for dinner.

Absolutely love these videos, always hysterical 😂 happy Christmas!

Sir Ayme says:

Love the warmer lighting! Really gives a more homely feel to your videos 🙂

Btw I really wouldn't play Mafia de Cuba on the couch. For sure I would lose some diamonds to the couch creases.

Cracking stuff, thanks for this original list 🙂

Oh how I miss the days of laying on the floor waiting for super… Great list, Jon! Kokoro sounds wonderful. Merry Christmas!

nztuber says:

Funny! Good list! More recommendations: Off Your Rocker, Space Team, SpyFall (with phones), Insider, Snake Oil / The Big Idea, and Twilight Imperium 4e.

T Pardon says:

what the hell. this is so funny and such a service to the industry. dang. good job!

KC Horst says:

This American says: like Matlock. We get that reference.

Oh wow crosstalk looks amazing, I'm surprised I haven't heard of this one before!!
Another 10/10 video 😀 thanks for all the laughs 😀

This was great. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing and for all your hard work.

Heck I live in Sarasota and I don't know that question…. 3:25

g8kpr3000 says:

Wait… on the cover of "Scrawl", is the hand drawing a penis?

Timmy on screen = instant like

Any Christmas themed games you'd like to recommend? The best thing I could find so far was Santa's Bag and it's far from brilliant.

He nailed Hive Mind. It is great.

Pantheus says:

This was so awesome as usual!

Dave Bruno says:

I looove Mafia de Cuba!

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