The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – How to lift the curse off a Wight?

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This video shows you how to lift the curse off a Wight in the quest “La Cage au Fou”. Disenchanting the Wight is a good way of completing this quest, and it will result in additional reward in the following quest.





thanks for the early upload!

Thanks, didn't know if I was bout to get in a fight or something.

We're do you get that Armor Set?

I chose wrong so I had to kill her. Reloaded my game and found this video because I felt sorry for her.

Thanks for the video man, I'll sub 😉

Wafu says:

Its Gaunter Odin who did this to her.

*might be spoiler*

I brought her back to Corvo Bianco. But I wonder where can I see her around the estate? I chose to let her stay, but I haven't seen her since (not in the guest room)..

I chose to lift her curse, and when Geralt brought her to his house I was heartbroken for her. I allowed her to stay and now she's the house cook!

It's cool how it was Gaunter O'Dimm who cursed her.

So many Gaunter Odin references in this dlc.

RBATOR1986 says:

You missed a small loot chest that's inside the oven after you open it 🙂

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