The Massive Impact of Educating Girls | STF P4A 2017

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She’s the First (STF) supports girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school and trains students everywhere to be global citizens. Learn more at

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During Project for Awesome, thousands of people post videos about and advocating for charities that decrease the overall level of world suck. As a community, we promote these videos and raise money for the charities. Learn more at

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FutureNow says:

For my regular subscribers who don't know about the Project for Awesome, check out the description to learn all about it. This is my 11th year making a video for the P4A, but the first time on this channel (clearly). If you'd like to vote for all the She's the First videos so they can win a grant, go here:

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loopeymire says:

Great job! Awesome charity!

Knock knock knock Penny!

Sarah Heim says:

Here come the comments

She's the First is such an important charity, thanks for making this video. DFTBA.

just voted, great video! DFTBA

Hey! You've done such a gret job moderating the chat, and a great job making this video!

A familiar person, an unfamiliar channel! I'm now subscribed. And this was a great video! Happy P4A!

Great video. Lots of good info.

Olga says:

Amazing video! Thank you!

A great video promoting a great charity!

This is so amazing! DFTBA!

Excellent video!! Wonderful cause, very well put together. DFTBA!!

Efnenu says:

This is so important, thank you for making this video!

GREAT VIDEO! Clear, concise, and clever! DFTBA!

great, informative video, dftba!

awesome video on an important issue, definitely voting for this one!
also thanks for moderating the chat!

Izik R says:

That is such a great cause! Educating girls is a very important goal 🙂 DFTBA! (voted)

Such a wonderful video! DFTBA!

Matt Palka says:

Happy P4A! Very well done!

Those statistics are staggering. Great cause! DFTBA!

kayJM39 says:

Awesome video. Happy p4a!

Thanks for sharing. DFTBA!

This was a wonderful video! She's the first is a great organization! Happy Project For Awesome!

Awesome video!! DFTBA! 🙂

Julián this was so great!! 🙌

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