The Best Michael Kors Quotes from all 10 seasons of Project Runway

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Nothing against Zac Posen (except kinda, yeah) but we really missed Michael Kors’ little one-liners from Project Runway. To pay proper homage, we put together this hilarious mashup of all the best and bitchiest quips from from all 10 seasons with Michael Kors judging! If you miss Michael Kors as a judge on Project Runway Season 11, you’re not alone, his quotes are priceless!
-MovieBitches (Avaryl & Andrew)

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“There’s a lot of bitch in every woman, a lot in every man”
-Joan Crawford

“When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch”
-Bette Davis



Lucy QB says:

I'm so glad that "Origami Rose" made the cut!!! That made my 2017! Thank you!!! 😘

I didn't know I needed this until now

LouLu says:

Hmmm . There isn't a woman on the planet who wants to feel like they have a big butt and big hips…. how about most women in "mainstream" America 2017…. people having implants just for this reason, it's cheaper to buy a dress and create the illusion. Designers, stick with your Visions, just make sure they are executed to perfection.

is the thought of men's pants with no pockets really that ridiculous? like, as ridiculous as women's pants often having no pockets? 😒😒

He's so on point and hilarious lmao

The shorts are big and tight at the same time….priceless.

Amber Fall says:

3:33 when all the joy inside you dies

Cappy says:

Transvestite flamingo dancer at a funeral 😂

This made my life today 😂😂😂

lmsmuffin says:

I miss Michael and wish he was in the judges seat again.

Roru Loru says:

He is the Best Critic .!

The best funny comments about the trashy designs!! Hahaha

Michael Kors is the most overrated "designer" and his entire career is based solely off him copying people with actual talent. As someone who used to work at one of his stores, his products are terrible quality, blatant rip-offs of other designers, and i've never seen anything innovative come from any of his labels.

I love how he literally orally rapes people but never looks at himself!! Old man too tan who wears sunglasses on screen. Get real!

the fat ass and wide hips statement made me laugh. women go to great lengths now to have exactly that.

"She's got an avocado goiter." How I miss you, Michael!!! A mega PR Fan!

"Vampire pregnant witch"… lmfao

Rose Kush says:

ok…this is the best video

Lemme fuckin asplain sometin to chu….

is it just me, or is his hair almost the same color as his skin? it looks blended together to me lol

Lynn Cole says:

While he may be right on all of these, some of what you see in stores by him are not much better. I don't think I have ever purchased a Kors anything. He's like the Paul Lynde of Project Runway whereas Zac Posen is a bit more tactful.

Bychance37 says:

Michael is so full of shyt. I wish I could remember the contestant he copied after demolishing because he damn sure did. He is so mean and prissy, one of them should just snap on his ass.

Lies, I want everyone to think I have a fat butt and big hips. Only the former is true, but I'd like to trick people XD

I'm going to pull up this video whenever I need a new insult.

The real gag is Michael Kors own line is filled with poly crepe de chine

Darima2 says:

I literally have tears in my eyes. They really need to bring him back. "Pregnant witch" ! 😂😂😂😂

"There is no woman on Earth who wants to look like she has fat hips and butt" clearly never met Nicki Minaj.

That was funny but what about his make-up? Bronzer for days. He looks like a pumpkin.

He literally said "no one wants a big but and wide hips"
What the hell generation is he living in?

Flinestone disco pouch

Niki Cee says:

"She looks like a disco soccer ball" 😂

that's a really bitchy orange. "no, you can't have vitamin C!"

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