That Doll Look?? Super Long hair w/ Bangs | Yiroo Hair

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Alright ya'll so i've decided to do Vlogmas!! I've labeled my other two vlogs recently as such, so I'm excited to get this going!!

2nd!!!! but first to like 💖💖

😍😍😍😍😍😍 loveeeeeee it perfect length 😊☺ I love China bangs

Junior says:

you're always stunning but in this video.. damn!!💀

I've been loving your makeup lately!!! also thanks for so many uploads <3

INFP AM says:

Omg this hair suits u soooooo much gurl love u💕 arab subscriber🇦🇪❤️

So pretty! I wish I could rock bangs =_= I need to lose weight and be a cute lil doll like u 😫

Dollianna says:

omg you look gorgeous, and the wig is really well made and so beautiful! Your makeup is always on point too. I'm glad you decided to do vlogmas! I'll support you all the way <33

Chloe Lou says:

what music is used! loved the intro

Tima imma need you to wear more wigs with bangs. YOU LOOK SO CUUUUUTE

lacespace says:

It looks so good on you. Ive been thinking of making a wig for the first time for a while now so this video really helps 🙂

The hair looks amazing!
When I went to their website I noticed that they are using this other black girl YouTuber in their advertisement. But that girl has naturally long curly hair. Like shes not wearing bundles or anything. It reminds me of like what AliExpress does.They just snatch photos from anywhere and throw them up as stock images. But its usually obvious that the model they used isnt wearing a weave? Hahahaha. It doesnt make me not trust their hair because its hair, so whatever. But I just think its funny that companies are still doing that.

Your constant uploads have been giving me liiiife and this look is cute af, when i get the money im def gonna try these!!

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