Pat Sajak is Actually Bald … (Full – High Quality)

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Pat Sajak asks Vanna to remove his hairpiece after 25 years living a lie. April fools?




There are plenty of hairpiece wearers in the entertainment industry. The difference between them and Pat Sajak is he is a man and a motherfuc*ing boss!!

David O says:

It would have been funnier if Vanna pulled off her hair and was bald

he is so fucking creepy

norelco pc says:

Excellent wig and awesome bald cap!

Pat Looks Like Peter Garret Of Midnight Oil

Ol' Ben says:

Look like Yuhl Brenner.

I have watched Wheel of fortune for decades. I won't watch this show again because, Pat Sajak  use to make the two others that didn't win feel like a human being. Now he brushes the losers off & only makes time for the winner. Sorry but rather they win or lose they are still human. Vanna is a old & needs to stop getting all these surgeries to keep her young. We all grow old & you are one of us. We all will meat our maker & you will be as equal as all others. Oh & where is both of your spouses while you both tour the world together? I couldn't be without my wonderful loving husband not ever. just sick of your show. Are you Vanna & Pat an item???

CV says:

Lol for nearly 70 he looks great with or without his hair, and Vanna is 60 next year and still looking amazing!

hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!so funny!

Paul LaRue says:

I remember Wayne Greene showed his bald head, & his driver stopped the van, to ask me a question. That dirty practical joke, was behind this violinist's back.

Paul LaRue says:

Vanna White was somewhat shocked.

Pat Sajak couldn't help himself and had to sneak diss

Paul LaRue says:

Wayne Greene did the same thing to me.

I thought you got fired from your job Pat for being eyebrow jealous and killing that little blonde girl that looked like you and vannah. Instead I deal with Jeopardy people who don't respect people's lives like you.

He looks like he'd crack if he fell off of a wall.

They did a good job of making the wig look like his real hair

Lil' Dee says:

That was a April Fools Prank on Vanna White

Does bald Pat remind me of Steve Harvey a little bit?

Hahaha, he looks like Mr. Clean.

That's an April Fool's joke from 2008 really

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