THIS HAIR LOOKS SO REAL! I included a quick tutorial on how to layer hair so enjoy “Glam-ites”!!! Hey Glam-Ites! When you call or go to Platinum Wigs website Type in the VIP code [More] This is one of my new favorites. She did not need to be glued down but I glued her anyways. She is not a thick wig I would say that it is a medium [More]
Check out our spoof of Mean Girls/The Office with the Disney Princesses! Our wigs are toddler wigs from the dollar store haha. We just like to have fun and be silly. This sketch was for [More]
Follow me on Twitter : Facebook : Promise Tamang Phan I just got so excited to see all the request to do this Look.I couldn’t wait even a day so i grabbed my Palettes and [More]
If you get the feeling you’re being watched in Foxboro, Mass there is a good chance you are. Matt Duplessie, a grad of MIT’s Engineering program and the Harvard business school is now an interactive [More]
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MEL WAITERS: 25 June 1956, San Antonio, Texas, USA. Waiters sang in R&B clubs while in his teens, later also singing in a church choir. He spent some time as a disc jockey on local [More]
This is a really nice unit. The parting room is bomb! 5 inches of lovliness! Now this unit I bought with my own money and I have the receipt to prove it! I have had [More]
My father and I stopped at a Dollar Store during our visit to Black Mountain, NC. to pick up supplies for my folk’s retirement house. Gal was yelling outside, but I thought it was a [More]
Try this Fake Bob hair tutorial to create a complete makeover? It’s extremely easy and fast, but will make you look like a complete different person. Another name for this look is the faux bob. [More]