~*Otakon 2016 VLOG FINAL: Boats, Exhaustion, & Tasting Erwin Smith*~

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I don’t even know.
Otakon was one of the best cons I’ve had in ages. So many wonderful friends and adventures. Thank you all so much.

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animelyn says:

Oh my glob you are sooooooo cool.

Hi Fox. I was the one who gave you the Jack Frost charm! I'm so glad you liked it. Thank you so much for being so amazing and I'm so glad I got to meet you (:

{may contain spoilers} I'm triggered that you guys think Erwin is just "alright"!!! He was such a good Lima bean and didn't deserve any of what happened, I feel bad for Levi as well because Erwin was his literal inspiration and according to isayama his special person and King. He was so smart already knowing about the truth from such a young age. Improving the SC, overthrowing the king and putting historia into her rightful place as queen! I hate how he is treated by the fans here! In Japan people are so much more understanding of his importance to Levi and to the whole manga, having a fucking shrine to show their appreciation for the commander. I have so much respect for him and love because of how AMAZING a character he was, I will never understand the hate he gets from people (mainly from people who ship ereri which I will never understand since it makes no sense in canon).

shadow fox says:

Fox I Got you a pic of the dragon for you

You're so pretty, Fox!!

Oh my god that's me fox I'm the makoto that you meet and gave you the makoto bracelet

H-hello, I haven't been watching you're videos for a very long but they really make me smile and me happy. I really appreciate what you do and I hope you continue doing what you doing!

you always have the prettiest lip colors! so jealous

Katy Dhgd says:

мне интересно я одна русская которая это все смотрит и мне нравится не смотря на то что все на английском?

TaraFYW says:

Are you going to Otakon next year? Love your vlogs, btw! 🙂 <3

This is a weird question but do you have a hair ref? Also, I love your cosplay and you're great!!!

Attack on teatans?!/???!!

Kiba Wolf says:

I wish I could have gone, otakon always seemed awesome in your vlogs!!! I loved the vlog too!♥

Qween VR says:

"England would be proud"… was that a Hetalia reference

Ayyyeeee, some others who hated Erwin! Yay! I'm not alone. I was perfectly fine with him being dead.

I loved this so much <3 I just wanted to tell you how much i love you Fox! Your vlogs are great and your so funny. I hope you don't stop making these funny videos 🙂 <3

So I have a very serious question, Fox:
You're saying you don't like Erwin Smith?

Hi The Alchemic fox u are my new favourite youtuber bc ur so cool and u have made me want to cosplay and I love ur AOT skits there so funny anyway stay awesome and u deserve way more subs

I can't get over how much I love your hair lmao but boi my mom would disown me if I cut mine like that

GatsbyGirl says:

The irony is that she actually cosplayed Erwin at one point.

Fox where did you get your Haru wig? I wanna cosplay him but can't find any good wigs

what camera do you use to vlog and also i love your videos, your an amazing cosplayer and how the hell do you get yours wigs so perfect since i have the worst of luck literally i ordered a mikasa wig online and there was no front it was the same all the way round… yeah that happened so now I'm getting a jean wig yay!

also sadly they didn't call it boaty mc boat face instead it was named sir david attenborough but a little submarine that you launch from it is called boat mc boat face

I forgot to mute it… I'm crying now.

Whosalana says:

It's pronounced Willis***

you need to make more Friday's with jack

I wasnt in this vlog. But it was so great to meet you! Ps. Sorry about the total fangirling. But you totally made my first con great!!

topic says:

17:59 has anyone noticed the person with the flag

Fox looks great in purple eyeshadow(and everything el se because they're fucking beautiful)

couple month late but gonna animate the dragon boat thing

But… I loved Erwin :<

last vlog:
ME: What the heck is she wearing!?!?!?
this vlog:
ME: Ahhh, titan PJs…

I personally love your videos I think I have seen them all at least twice. Please make more awesome vlogs there so funny!

I wanna dragon Bote🤓🤓🤓

My friend saw this video, and asked me to make you fan art, and since I'm a huge fan I agreed.., only she didn't tell me it was a dragon boat, and she also didn't tell me how to upload it. ❤️😂

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