~* November Akibento Unboxing! // FMA, Bleach, TENTACLES???*~

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I love you so much honestly, your personality is great and I love your hair and omg

there's fanclub at my local college, because we love your content and we love to cosplaying


I never clicked on a video so fast.

I love these videos and I also love your cosplay videos

I love your videos 🙂

I'm an aspiring cosplayer any advice for me

I want this Alphonse Bento Box <3

Hubby would love that scarf my roommate too they have this joke about tenticles SIGHHH send help fox send help

Lol I watch Akidearist and I personally like the shirt and scarf.

WishiAnaka says:

Love you hair ! ❤️❤️ im trying to get that hair cut

Dan Archer says:

OMG I love the shirt Fox is wearing and I want one

Akidearist and you in one video. Good day.

Get your free! It's not free it's like 10.99

Oh, that's not her humour. She genuinely is obsessed with tentacle porn…

Cool Haul! Also, I believe the character with Rem on the pin is Subaru. Love your videos, and can't wait for more!

Gillian says:

that scarf was awful lmao

Fluggert says:

Lmao when Fox got Akis scarf I started dying. 😂😭

V-mazing says:

That Alphonse bento is adorable. If Akibento has it for sale separately from the loot box on their site, I would consider getting it.
Aki is pretty open about her love for tentacles, so I’m not surprised her theme item would include them.

The guy on the button is Subaru. Have you not seen Re:Zero fox?? I still love you either way xP

when will you upload your second Japan vlog??? I have been looking forward to watch it ever since I saw the first Japan vlog!

AniMey _ says:

Are you a boy or a girl? 😂Sorry! I don't know!

Akidearest is pretty cool. So is Joey. You should check them out! They're great anime YouTubers!

Tenebri says:

I like Akidearest but I would not wear that scarf so I don't hate

Wow! I love your new hair! :33

fox i think you should do Yuri On ice cosplay

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