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Damaged hair is SO annoying. From styling and coloring my hair, I don’t treat it very nice all the time. I’m sure so many of you have the same issues! This video IS sponsored but even though I partnered with Nexxus to do this video, I thought you would really love to know about this incredible treatment you can do at home to fix damaged hair and also WIN this giveaway!

Comment on this video + subscribe to my channel – and you’re entered to win – hello heathy hair!



Would this product help with heat damage and breakage?

My hair is fine and never seems to be as shiny as it used to be. Products that promise shine tend to make my hair oily, so I’d love to try this!

I bleach my hair all the time and even had a little section of breakage. This product would be great for me to win, if not I’d still buy it because I️m very dedicated to repairing my hair right now

Hair-Care is so important to me! I have had a lot of hair loss due to stress so taking care of my hair and encouraging re-growth is key to having healthy hair. Love this video, thank you for sharing #firstdayfam

Ohhh this sounds amazing

This is awesome!! Thank you Marianna

Oh how I would love to win this 😩 I struggle with so much hair loss and slow growth, and i’ve tried everything. No heat, no damage, every supplement for hair there is and nothing helps.. I still have hope that maybe one day my hair will change ❤️✨🙌🏽

I am getting my hair dyed for the first time next week and I have always been so scared it is going to cause serious damage to my hair. I will definitely be checking these out:) x

I recently bleached my hair for the first time! I was so scared I didn’t want my hair to get damaged, because I had been growing my hair after my breast removal. Unfortunately, the hairstylist just tried to get my hair really light on the first trial when they should’ve done it in steps…. 😞 I was thinking about just cutting my hair into a bob even though it would break my heart! This sounds like an amazing product I would love to try!!

ame says:

i'm from new york!! i have to check out the nexxus salon and try to fix my damaged hair!

I love how you always take the time to actually explain how products work and the best way to use them! I really want to try these products!!

Nohemi CR says:

OMG!!! Amazing
Love your hair and I would love to win _

Hi Marianna,
My hair is so damage for working under the sun in a dry high altitude part of Perú. I would love to win

I'm excited to try these products out, if your hair is anything to go by then it definitely works, would luv to win xx

your hair is gorgeous!!!

B Shah says:

Omg i could really use these products.

B Shah says:

I wish they launch in the UK so that I can use their products.

I am SO incredibly excited about these products!!! 👏 Due to dyeing and heat styling, my hair has been breaking (so even though it grows, I never see the length increase). I would LOVE to try these products, along with heat-free curling methods to finally regain long, healthy hair 💖 Thank you for all of your honesty and fantastic advice!!!! 💖

Caro Garza says:

Hi Marianna! I love watching your videos, especially hair related ones because yours is always gorgeous!! I recently have been showing my stylist your videos because I want the same dimension that you have with your color. Much love from Texas!

Omg totally need this! I can't not heat style, it looks awful if I don't but between that and the hair dying…..

Maria RG says:

So interesting! Love it!!

Wow! Seems like such a great product! Cant wait to try.

My hair could definitely use this!! Super damaged, and I have the kind of hair that I kind of need to use heat on at least once a week to keep it tamed. Excited for these to come out!

Your hair looks so healthy. Thanks for the chance to win! Your detailed explanation was helpful.

Paulina P. says:

Excited for this product line to come out! Definitely want to try

Thank you for this video. I color my hair so much and use heated styling tools daily. I would love to try these products from Nexxus.

Ooh yes, my hair is in need of a treatment

Your hair always looks so gorgeous and healthy! Need to try these Nexus products out, They sound amazing!!

Never tried this brand but now I must give it a try.

Hoa Nguyen says:

I wish I could travel to New York 😭

These products sound amazing!! I can’t wait for them to launch!! I just went to the hairdresser yesterday and i def have damaged ends!!

Love your videos! Thanks for the tips!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Loved learning about the ingredients that can bring my hair back to life! Thank you!

I am excited for this product! I’ve been using just coconut oil before shower and leaving conditioner for 5 mins. My hair has been super damaged after bleaching. This video is super helpful. Thanks Marianna.

Jamie Snow says:

I would love to try this product!

Yey! Some hope for my damaged hair!!! <3

Oh wow that’s amazing i have a lot of older clients that would love this I’m a hair dresser but this is news to me I would love to try this and tell my clients about it.

I have also been going from dark to blonde and vice versa. My hair is dry and damaged now. Would love to win!

I would love to have this! 💕

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