My Makeover Reveal! Uniwigs LaVivid Carrie Synthetic in Almond Frost

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Reviewing The Carrie Synthetic Wig in Almond Frost From Uniwigs LaVivid Collection!

Carrie Synthetic Wig:
SKU: AL0103
Color: 01R Almond-Frost
Cap size: 21.5
Coupon Code: Bon10 to save 10% off
LaVivid Collection:
LaVivid Face book page:
LaVivid Instagram: @lavivid.uniwigs
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LeeLee says:

wow that wig looks sooooooo good on u. the color is awesome.

Woowweeee u look Fabtastic in that colour A New Woman gee u even did ur makeup to match n it looks great!!! Thanku for sharing glad u had so much fun with the wig n ur makeup. :):):))

Oh my gosh u look like a prettier Steve nicks!!!

Your normal hair is beautiful, but this is also a very beautiful change ❤

Wendy says:

I am losing my hair and really need a wig but I can't afford the good ones so I always look like I am wearing a wig if that makes sense. One of these days. It looks fantastic on you.

I came across your channel about 2 months ago while looking for wish hauls and I now watch every video of yours. You are so different to many you tubers. You are natural and refreshing! Lots of love and God Bless from Melbourne, Australia 🙂

love the wig you look so glam. but i do love your silver, wish mine could be like your silver

You look amazing and so different! I was scrolling through my subscriptions and was like who is that until I saw your name lol.

Very natural looking! 🙂 I like your hair better of course 🙂

Very pretty, though I love your silver hair it's beautiful on you.

Oh my goodness I love the wig. I love your natural hair but there is hope for someone like me whose hair is thinning. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

I love it but your real hair is great too

Janet S says:

Didn't realize it was you! I like your silver hair, but wow you look awesome! I'm 60 and tired of dying my hair. One day I maybe able to afford one myself! You are beautiful inside and out! 😇💕

doyleslady says:

I love your natural hair but girl, dang….so, so flattering. Not to mention you were smiling the entire time.

I love your natural hair but this looks good too!! I love your videos!! 🙂

Wow! I love that color on you!

You remind me of the female star from the show Nashville. I can't think of her name, but she was also in Friday Night Lights.

So jealouse I own 10 wigs their so much fun I have grey blue and pink cx I get so many compliments

I have about the same amount of natural hair as you do, but I would really like to explore wigs as an option for when I’m feeling unwell, I love that cute style, it’s very suitable for your skin tone, face shape etc. did you put your hair in a pony tail or anything before putting the wig on? Just curious, I look like I’m trying to shoplift a small animal under mine when I wear the one wig I have!

Dangggg girl..u look sooooo much younger! What does ur hubby think? U look soooo much better with this wig! Keep it on!!! Thumbs up!!

It looks wonderful on you. I love that color

It looks great on you. I do really love your natural silver hair….it's gorgeous. Thanks for another great video.

you look like you are 20 yrs old

Lisa Smith says:

That is a beautiful color on you. You always look georgous…✖❌✖ #OOM

Bonnie it looks wonderful, but I prefer your silver hair. But as an alternative look, that wig is awesome. Personally the style is not for me, but the colour is stunning. #oom

Omg this wig really suits you!

Hey there Miss Bonnie!… Nice to see you having fun with your new hair ! If you've watched my videos you know I know how much fun it is to play with new wigs! LOL. ALTHOUGH, l think we all agree we like the silver better!

OMG!!! I love it! YOu look great!

Foxy lady! You look great.

I k now change can be fun but I honestly like your silver better and I think the wig ages you. Just one ladies opinion 🙂

Wow Bonnie, You look gorgeous Girl. That color is beautiful

You look stunning in that wig. 😘

kara moats says:

You had me, I thought you had your hair colored! Beautiful both ways.

Connie S says:

You look beautiful! Love the wig, and your makeup is gorgeous!

You look like a million bucks! You look so youthful and bright 🙂 but you are beautiful without it too.

omg u look fabulous I luv it hun👌👐👍💗😘💖💖💖💖💖💖

Subscribed. I watched two vids and loved your personality. You look lovely in that wig btw. Best wishes.

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