Monty Python’s best sketch ever

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My favorite sketch from Monty Python’s Flying Circus.



Just think that 40 years later another British guy Karl Pilkington made a podcast about the word "Bozwellox"

i cannot get monty pyhton, i managed to understand american humor but british humor is vexxing.

This is stupid & not funny

kalloused says:

"Caribou…Gone" I lold so hard.

was that supposed to be funny in some way

Rasputin says:

Why is the cook in the background wearing sun glasses?

Rapid Fire says:

When I think of the English landed class, this is pretty much what I picture in my mind. Inbreeding will do this sort of thing to people. Really enjoyed the servants standing behind them.

He forgot "scrotum" when naming naughty words that are woody.

Nope…are you kidding me? what is wrong with you?

Dave Green says:

Okay, the maid. Second from the left in the back. She can barely contain herself but the other 3 are not human! How do you manage to keep a straight face through that.

mickeyjupp says:

Love the reaction of the maid when the gun goes off

Max Pankau says:

My two new favorite things about this sketch: Eric Idle's teacup pinky and Michael Palin's presumptuous nose sniff after saying "What rotten luck!".

actually i still think they are demented idiots!

taste in humour is subjective, if you don't like, or like, does it matter?

40 years after seeing this on tv, i still bamboozle folk by sometimes referring to words as 'woody'…unless they happen to b of similar ilk.

clickbait title, now there's a very tinny sort of word

Amusing, but not even close to their best.

anyTHIng goes in
anyTHIng goes out
fish bananas, old pyjamas
mutton, beef and trout

This sketch is a bit tinny.

tritiumH3 says:

Very Edwardian. Very sitting-room-drama. Mmm. Quite.

saraxx98 says:

Is this what rich people do ?

TRUMP…so fucking tinny don't cha think?!

The parrot sketch is the best sketch ever.. everyone knows that..

Yesss… you can't beat wood…


This is how I learn about British culture

Captpicard says:

Apparently Elon Musk ( a huge Python fan) was determined that the new Tesla cars would not feel at all tinny to drive.

just pops and whistles to me…

every so often, when I'm bored, I say to myself, "oh well, better go and have a bath I suppose…"

Jeff Baker says:

Really? You're going with this one? Your opinion is allowed.

Javier says:

"Bound" Now! you're talking. Lmao

0:34 "You can't beat wood."

Hold my lotion

SJ Cohen says:

The Knights Who Say Nee also are driven crazy each time a certain word is said.

Just noticed that one of the housekeepers ís wearing sunglasses, that's moderately amusing.

Keyshell says:

Is "NI!" tinny or woody?

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