Join the Fight Against Sexual Violence in Online Communities- P4A 2017

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Happy Project For Awesome 2017! Don’t forget to check out the project for awesome website and the indiegogo for some awesome perks and check out uplift’s website and youtube page for all of our amazing ventures!!



SciJoy says:

They have so many great resources. I've used it for building my online community for Edu YouTubers. Thanks.

Happy Project for Awesome, Jes! DFTBA 🙂

Such a great video!! Thank you for making it! Well done! Happy P4A!!

Great video! I hope you guys get a portion again. On an unrelated note, your hair is very pretty

Lovely video, Jes! Thank you!!

oforth says:

thanks for making another video Jes

Great video, even better cause! DFTBA & happy P4A!

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