It’s a wig 360 all around Lace Wig Stana

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Hey dolls i’ll be reviewing a 360 lace front wig from Its a wig company.

price: $60

Disclaimer : I purchased this wig with my own money not sponosored.

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Yasssssssss!! You look gorgeous 😍😍😍!!! The wig is beautiful!! One of the main reasons I dont wear full wigs because of my head shape😂 The wigs be so tight so I end up getting a half wig .. yasss honey you are rocking that wig!! Great Review!!😘❤️

Ok 😉. I'm loving the wig boo 😎. I just subbed your channel hun, plz sub back 😊

omg your really like a black kim k but even better <3…..keep slaying boo

Yessss!!! Come thru hair!!! I like it!!! I also have a youtube channel. Want to be friends by subbing and supporting each other? Let me know 🙂

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