I Moved To The Smallest House In Korea!

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One thing I didn’t mention in this video is there’s no key money for this kind of studio apartment (Gosiwon/Gositel). You just need to pay your monthly rent. That’s why I decided to live here ‘-‘

What did I wear in this video? :

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I am looking for a good 고시원이나 원룸 in seoul. Do you know a good sight to find one.

fuwwe2 says:

Omg I’d suffocate in your apartment and theirs no windows! 😵 I think my bathroom is half the size of your apartment..maybe bigger!

Wow Korean houses are really amazing

Eden Zak says:

I feel claustrophobic just watching it. When I lived in Seoul, I was staying in one a little bigger (I had my own kitchen&bathroom, but it was all in one room) and honestly, the fact that I was living two levels below ground and didn't have any day light was driving me a little crazy. I stayed out of my place as much as I could and promised myself that I would never do this again.

My bed room is the size of your kitchen

Advantages of having small dog "pop inside it inside bag. Very very portable" 😂😅❤

I really wanna move to Korea but one problem their tiny Apartments. Im afaird of tiny / Small places so even watching this video from you or every other room tour in Korea makes me feel scared (And other things)… idk what to do

How long are you gonna stay in there?

How about making a video about "the cheapest rooms in Seoul tour"? It will help people who want to go there (especially me 😂)

Lynn _DL says:

"Can you not kill my doll, please" 😂😂😂 i cant HAHAHA👌👌

B G Sagar says:

Max is damn cute…which breed does he belong to??

U guys are like a couple 😍❤️

So you can't have any pets, even small one?

What if he barks when your gone

Is animals not allowed in there??

-Michelle- says:

Omg you're so cute I love it when you say "oh wow" lmaooo

my friend group name is potatoes lol

I think this rental is actually decent. The rent isn’t bad either based on my knowledge of rent in Canada. I got really lucky to find a two bedroom basement suite with all utilities all inclusive for $700.00. This is rare but to have your own space and bathroom for $440 is awesome.

Your room looks really good! I live in a Goshiwon, too, but I don't even have water or Wifi most of the time ^^;

Awww you and max are so cute

small but better then mines

GMTM !!! says:

I just moved as well! With 3 others and they’re so messy. I barely see any of them but I pay 700 for everything

kasy says:

Oh my gosh. I see lots of comments saying that they would love to live in that size of room, but I couldn't. I'll feel suffocated. No space or windows 😥 I hope you enjoy it tho, Boyoung!!!!

NGE0001 says:

apartments like that are not good for your mental well being

Lisa Li says:

perfect cuz i never leave my bed lol

Why are you hidding the dog

Max is a good boy. He didn't marked Boyoung's territory^^

Matcha Pie says:

That’s even smaller than my one room here 😂😂 but that’s ok !! My place is just slightly bigger (with the kitchen and laundry machine inside) but it’s shared between my sister and I (can u imagine how stuffy it is lol). We have a large window too !! It’s actually a great place but we’re moving to a bigger place so that we have more space ^^ I actually think my place will be perfect for u lol whispers move hereeee

someone tr says:

Thats bigger than our house

Damn … you place is literally the size of my bathroom xD

Ki Muse says:

Ooh you should buy a small mic & attach to your shirt since you have to speak quietly in your room

raindrop says:

Wow I live in Germany in a 3 bedroom apartment and it's only 100 dollars more the prices in Korea are insane

I can't live without a window where you can see you know the city or the nature I don't know but something else than the hall way 😂 But it's really cute ❤

yoon min says:


Are apartments like this able to be rented only for a month or 2??

Lele says:

Wow I never knew that apartments could be that small! It's even smaller than my bed room!🙊

I would feel a bit claustrophobic lmao

Bby hillie says:

You're so darn cute Boyoung💕

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