How To Make A Wig With a Frontal ( Very Detailed ) 2016

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How To Make a Wig Video ( 2015 ) :
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I love it best tutorial 💯💯

Brilliant video I'd love to try this!!

So I'm trying nylon thread but it is truly not my friend doe anyone have any tips to help with tangling

Malibu pleaseeee help 🙁I've made my wig FLAWLESSLY for the first time everything was perfect but when I was done I realized my cap began to shrink as I was sewing and it became too small. I started over THE SAME DAY this time (making it a lot quicker and cleaner ) with a different cap I also had the same problem. MY HEAD IS JUST TOO DAMN BIG. I'm On my way to the beauty supply store. What wig caps do you recommend for big ass heads 😂I'm a senior and I'm trying to kill it and seems like I can't unless I find the perfect cap

Hi do you make wigs to order? I'd love for you to make me one like this! 😍

You definitely dropped a jewel with your tutorial. Blessings to you for this. I just opened an online Virgin hair line and my aunt went on my site and said she was looking for wigs. Well because I just got started I don't have a wig distributor yet. So my friend suggested for me to make wigs for my online customers. I'm from the old skool and I use to make my own wigs but haven't done it in years. I feel so behind and looking at this video has helped me. Thank you for taking the time to show us a how to video. Again blessings and much continued success to your business. You are the truth. Slay on!!

Khi Taylor says:

You fckn SLAYED this!!!

Came back to this video b/c I see you have 1.5M views now. Well done!!! 👏👏👏

What's the exact name of the wig cap you used ? Am I able to purchase it on line

I'm white but I'm also Jewish and I have to wear a wig. I really don't get when people ask me why do I wear wigs…cause it's our religion -_- and men wear kippah

You look beautiful work it girl

do you make wigs and sell them?


Omg you are literally the BEST !!! No other better way to describe it I feel like I can make one now 😬😬 I know how to sew so I feel like if I watch this a few times more and practice I'll get the hang of it 👌🏽🤞🏽 thank you so much !! Keep doing you boo boo ❤️ you will succeed

Love this video. Was very helpful. Thanks hun

S&K Nation says:

Can u please make me a wig malibu!!!!

I love this so much I wish he could make me one 😭

You guys that's experienced with this make it look so easy but it takes too damn long to do. It's worth it though and I love your work , talent and skill

Dee Frank says:

How do you ensure that you aren’t making the wig to small using the styrofoam head? I have an average sized head and the first (and last lol ) time I tried to make a wig using that head it was way to small lol. Where do I go wrong?

can yo make me a wig plz

Orie says:

How much would you charge to do this?

Is it just a regular wig cap ?

Sarah L says:

Thank you this was quick and to the point. Followed lol

OMG I'm in complete awe at your talent

Omg I love you and your work

LonniBabi says:

Loving how you just put 'Touch' in the video #lovethatsong

I'm super late but when I bleached mine it was brassy. What should I do next time?

I love your spirit ❤️💋

About to start making wigs thank you so much for sharing 💙

I enjoyed the way you explained your placements. Thank you for your time… Love the look!

small anon says:

"When all is said and done" …. a great tutorial 😋

why do people see on wig blocks instead of mannequin heads?

Izzy Sykes says:

Can you made a frontal or it can only be bought? I just found regular bundles where I live, 😭

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