How To Make A Wig w/ a Lace Closure for Beginners Part 1 ft Peerless Virgin Hair

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Hair Deets –

20″ Lace Closure + 5 20″ Bundles

Peerless hair shop link is:

Peerless Peruvian straight hair bundles link:

Peerless Peruvian straight hairclosure link:


Dome Cap
Salon Pro 30 second glue
Blow dryer



OMG U HIT 100,000!!!!!! Idk if I'm super late but congrats!!! Omg

banjadore says:

Hi Arnell, how many wigs do you own?

I love ❤️ this tutorial I tried making a wig before and I used the sewing method and it took me hours plus I was sick 😷 and then after all that it ended up being kind of bulky looking on one side and I ended up taking it apart but this is so much easier and quicker I'm definitely using this method to make one next time Thank You 😊

kklilly06 says:

Hey arnell, how much space did you put between each track???

Khare O says:

Might be a dumb question but can you wash the hair when you install with glue? I mean do the tracks come off when you do?

Congrats on 100,000 subbie! I've been loving your videos

What was the song at like 5:20 ? it was the same song for a while but that's when I noticed it lol

I'm a new to wearing wigs, and I found this so fascinating to watch. I have a friend that makes her own. But now that I've seen how there made I feel like I can totally do this!

how do you wash your wigs?

Zariah .x says:

In your next video if you dont mind to slow that first part up sewing the lace closure ! pleaseeeee I really want to try this because paying for sew ins in college really isnt cheap ! lol it would mean a lot thanks love ur beautiful <3

Saffron says:

What kind of stitch did you do while sewing? It looks like a blanket stitch, almost, did you just go in loops or did you, like, I guess pull the free end of the thread through a loop every time? It's hard to explain what I mean, but… yea.

timafg05 says:

Would you recommend some space Between each track?

I'm really new at this, I'm stuck on sewing the closure. When I put the needle in the thread do I knot the end and then start sewing the closure, or just put one long piece of thread without knotting it first?

Did you use all 5 bundles for this? If not, how many do you suggest getting?

Raven Gee says:

Someone probably asked. But I was wondering how dies the glue hold up?

Is the blow dryer on hot or cool when youre using it on the glue?

You may have answered this before, but, why do you use glue vs. sew-in method? Is it better to use glue with straight hair versus curly or wavy hair? Do the wigs last for a long time?

Is the glue method how you've been making all of your wigs? I've forever been hesitant to use track glue bc I thought it wouldn't last long at all. But besides that, thannnnk you for making this video, it looks so easy! lol now i won't have to pay mad money to get someone else to make my wig ☺️

sxyldy26 says:

I feel like I can go out and make a wig now. Great tutorial!!

BellaLulu says:

Omg you really talking me into making my own wig!!! You make it look so easy!! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

could I do the hot glue gun method instead of the bonding glue?

this is so pretty doll. next time you should try a glue gun it is SO SUPER FAST AND LESS STEPS but still sew the closure tho lol ❣🤗❣

Can you sew it down after ?

New to wigs! Never owned or wore one lol but This video actually made it seem pretty easy to accomplish one from home. How much did this cost more or less to make?

Does the glue last for a long time ?

Did you bleach the knots ?

When you pulled out the glue 🙌

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