How To Make A Wig In Under An Hour HOT GLUE GUN METHOD

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with it being hot glue u used , can u still wash this full wig ? i always wanted to make me a lace closure wig but im not sure if u can wash them

_dvy says:

Arnell! Does your wigs fit big when you use the hot glue method? I’ve made two wigs using using this method on the one size fits all done cap & both fit toooo big. So I have no choice but sew. I can definitely use some tips/help 😭

ADA ! says:

I’d leave it black, dark hair brings out your eyes 😍

Yasss focused hoodie!!

Can you do an update video on this wig, so that we can see if using the glue method is a good idea. Overall you did a great job🖒

Pooh Baby says:

Where did you get this idea from it’s super cool can’t wait to try

Anita Page says:

You are The Best Teacher ! You post consistently, you provide lots of info on the materials used and methods of dye as well as bundle application ( even how to style on the Glory Head!) I've been watching YouTube videos all Summer and am now feeling confident to not only purchase several human hair wigs but also to stay within budget and create my own! My natural hair looks just like this wig when I shampoo/condition and air dry!Thanks so very much; you inspire me! Yes, I agree that you should try for a lighterBrown color- Black Color is so Stark; it reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor as the Egyptian Queen back in the Day!!

Love the way that hair looks!!

Why are you so pretty . Love you

Aeija Blu says:

I love dsoar hair! I've been wearing their Brazilian deep wave for about a month now. Did review videos on them as well. Like I love this hair and haven't had any issues from this hair at all. Your with looks great ma'am!

Olive says:

Yes come through with Denis’ clothing line 🙌🏾🙌🏾 love seeing other black youtubers supporting each other

How did you get the wig off the foam head without the hot glue sticking to it?

I’ve really been wanting to try this method since I can’t really sew but I’ll most definitely be waiting on an update!

P. Ham says:

How does the wig hold up when its washed considering its hot glued

Ronkeraji says:

This literally came just in time!!! I literally just got curly bundles and i hateee the wig process with a needle and thread so thank goodness for hot glueee 😭🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

IDREAM says:

You should put highlights in the hair
Like the blond purple type

Janaee S says:

I love curly hair on you!

Love this wig… Everytime I try the glue gun method my wig is hard to get off my wig block I taped it and it still continues to stick… 😞😞😞

I was thinking the same thing! I say dye it your light brown hair color! Thank you for your great ideas! Can’t wait to try this method! Love your channel! ❤️🤗💯

Sis when are you having a wig sale 🗣🗣 think about it !!

Gorilla Glue is the gun wig GOAT. 😊😊

I'm usually not into wigs, I'm a wash n go kinda curly girl but THIS WIG I WANT

JadoreMii says:

You’re such a beautiful person and I am not just talking about your looks. Happy holidays

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