How To : MAKE A WIG FOR LESS THAN 50 DOLLARS | Affordable Hair Series

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Hey guys!! Many of you have requested that I do more affordable hairstyles so here it is! In this video I show you how to make and style a wig for less than $50!

What I Used :

Que by Milky Way Short Cut Series / French Twist 3 piece (3 packs)

Styrofoam Head

Qfitt Spandex Mesh Dome Cap

Salon Pro 30 Sec Hair Bond Glue

Blow Dryer

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Spray

Peakmill’s Video :



Lissa J says:

I’ve never clicked on a video so fast 😂😂

Omg I am obsessed with this look! Yassssss Arnell!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

In some ways U kinda look like Rihanna 👍🏼 or like you would be in her family!!

it looks bomb with the scarf !

Definitely gonna go make a wig ! I love that you called Alissa 😂😊 that’s so cute ! 💗

Jetti M says:

Love this! Would really like to see more vids like this.

i love this look on you SO much.

I love this ! Even with an already cheap made half wig you can style it like this and make it look fancy !

I loved that wig! I agree it looked so much better after you did your makeup! I follow you and your sister! I just love you’re encouraging spirits and the way you guys take your time to explain

hamees says:

I am addicted to your videos i watch them all the time and i even replay the video and don't even wear wigs 😂 i love you 😍

Arnell, u were right I loved how u styled it when u had the makeup on with and without the headband..thanks for the tut! 😍

wow! this is going to be my new look

Great job looks good on you!

I think it’s really cute on you!

So gonna do this! I like it. Gonna have to "bob" it out a little but other than that, it's a win! 😍

SHIJAE says:

It's very Rihanna, I love it.

Sam Alvee says:

Literally about to make it right now. I have a pixie & it’s growing out really ugly lol

I've never made a wig before. I just might try it out now

This look just screams fall. I want to try this so much. It looks so fun and carefree and easy going. I love it ♡

I thought this was your natural hair wanded ! 😭😭😭😭😭

Wow ! I feel like I can really do this because I’ve used the braiding hair for years !

Deez Nuts says:

My broke ass is on board this train. Poppin

U know what? This is really helpful; after awhile you begin to think that you can't look good without spending $100+ for bundles. This reminds me of what I use to do when I first started doing hair for my sibs and mother. In a financial pinch sometimes you need to go back to basics. Thanks for the reminder! Love your videos.

Love this video. Can you do a less then 100.00 video with longer hair and a visible part. I dont know if its possible. But hey, just asking. Love you and your sisters channel.

Bree Z. says:

I actually thought the wig was really cute on you….you finessed the hell outta it….you made it fit you. I can't wear wigs like that, I'll end looking like a bus driver/dmv worker.

This video was seriously CUTE ASF!!!!!!

If you have a slightly larger head like me I’d recommend an extra large dome cap! After all the gluing the cap will shrink a little and feel tighter!!

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