How To Make a Ghost Bride Dress + Headpiece NO SEW!

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Guys this video is all about the dress and headpiece for my skeletal ghost bride! I know it’s super hodge podgey and pretty low budget lol but I had a lot of fun throwing this together!

Materials Needed:
– Tulle (I got 1 bolt of white and 1 of ivory but I didn’t use it all)
– Some kind of ribbon lol (i used twill tape)
– Scissors
– Corset top
– White thread + needle
(for the headpiece: )
– Tinfoil + tape + Plastic bag for the base
– Hard headband
– Lacey fabric base
– Dollar store flowers
– Hot glue gun
– More tulle!

Music cred:
RICCI – Boom
“Letting Go” by The Loyalist

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I love the the dress and you

DoodleCrew says:

Wow this is the earliest I've been haha love your vids though!

Fantastic Kyne!!!! Great job!!!

I can't handle your level of creativity!!! so much skill!

You're so talented and skilled! Absolutely amazing!

omg you could totally perform No Doubts "Simple Kinda Life" in that!!

WhoLance says:

I would do this but I'm fat and fat + white + food = not white dress

lectro jim says:

Great ! Love your vidéo 😉

Oh gosh, I love so much the dress, I need one like this, but in the black color.
Yeah, I'll do one, o love that 💗💗

luvree says:

I'm really feeling the soundtrack at the end

Aleah J says:

you never fail to amaze me with your skills!!💓

Me trynna decide which custom ideas of his I'm going to be😤😤😤😤

I thought you sew the tulle skirt on the inner side of the corset, then you could have concealed the knots

Doing it! I already have this corset from last year's bunny costume :3

hi kyne im carlos and iam a huge fan of yoursi woud love it if u would please do a collab for halloween so i could promote my channel a little bit more if u can it would make me super happy please reach back to me thank u so much

YAS!!!! Been waiting for this!

Yup … I might be recreating this lol

omg /i was looking for something like this/thanks alotB-)

Rach Today says:

Love! Thanks so much for sharing! This vid makes me so hungry for crafting!

Rach Today says:

Oh, I just thought of a way to grunge this look up – take an incense stick to it to add some ratty holes


Samy Grey says:

you're literally a genius, all your videos are amazing!

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