how to easily straighten a synthetic wig

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Synthetic wigs are plastic, so hot irons can melt them or do some damage. Here’s a method i do to get curly wigs silky straight. Remember, if it’s not straight enough the first time, you can repeat the process. Take alot of care when combing it, use a wide tooth comb and work your way down to a smaller one if necessary because wigs don’t grow back if you pull the hair out.



Dyani Doll says:

Does this work with anti heat synthetic wigs?

Do we boil hot water, also do we have to use like conditioner for the hair, sorry I am a little confuse

Would this be a risk of damaging my wig??

Doesn't the hot water damage the fibers in the hair?

id love to do this but mine is sewin in 😅

id love to do this but mine is sewin in 😅

Thanks pattasy I'm a cd and my curly wig is driving me nuts!

Don't do this! I ruined my wig I was going to use tonight by doing this.

So if i put heat on my Synethic wig it will melt or not???

Shar0ne says:

Will this work with a cheap Halloween wig (like $20-50)? Or will it just ruin it completely?

xXxRevxXx says:

i recognize the music. chrono cross?

What is that mannequin head made of?? The only heads I have are made of styrofoam… I'm worried if i try this I'm gonna melt one of my heads!! lol! If anyone knows whether or not I can do this with one of my styrofoam heads please let me know asap!! TY! ^_^

joy brooks says:

oh my god your a genius

What if the wig isnt heat resistant?

I hope this working with my KANEKI wig then end curl up which I do not like.

thank YOU very much for the tip, all the best to you-

but..then you'll never be able to curl it again..

Kairi-neko says:

the things that say shine & distangler was a conditioner?

Awesome thank you!! ❤️

I'm going to do this. but I don't have a pot anymore so I used an huge cup and microwaved it on high. hopefully it works the same. it should? right.

Can you use ANY detangler

thank you so much for this tutorial

Rissy says:

if you are not shure if your wig will not melt at the temprature, ALWAYS try on a little piece of the wig hair. if it melts, lower the temprature or just dont try to straighten your wig

MerfKat01 says:

Two questions
1 will this straighten a VERY badly damaged frizzy wig and make it smooth again?
2 could I use conditioner and water mixed to substitute the detangler

That music… is that Chrono Cross? Scars of Time?

Gia Boss says:

The best I've seen so far. I can't wait to straighten my wig.  I'm literally smiling!!

Gia Boss says:

I'm back to just say WOW!!!!!

Gorgeous wig. Where did you get it and how much $ also hair color

emma cloud says:

I have that wig lol

Nukatron says:

Awesome choice in music! Diggin that Chrono Cross theme.

Awesome video!!! I was gonna use a flat iron, but I trust this method better!! 🙂 my luck I would have burned it with the flat iron -.-

Kurenai says:

Let me just say I love that you used Chrono Cross music. XD

FreakReap says:

Do I hear chrono cross??

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