How To Customize 360 Lace Frontal Wig | Start To Finish | How To Make A Wig With a 360 Frontal

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Picture: chrissy bales :
tiarra monet :



snwokorie says:

Omg looks like it is growing out of your scalp

Toju Wood says:

Folake how is studies😭😭😭😂😂😂

It looks really good. That's YOUR hair! Lol great job.

Oh my! You make it look so easy! This is the very first time I've ever watched a tutorial on making of a lace frontal wig.. EVER!! I'm hooked 🔥🔥🔥💕💕💕

Izzy Labor says:

Sweetheart, you have potential, you made me laugh but you need to take this YouTube thingie serious

You did a wonderful job-o . I'll try your technique

AnonSail says:

I sat down and watched you put this on and I still think it's your hair 😂😂😂😂 Amazing job!

Omg I loved you're voice over. You're too funny😂😭❤. Great tutorial

xoxoEm App says:

"Me in my natural habitat" lol! I loved this video girl!! Thanks for sharing!!

It looks really natural

Terry Hale says:

You did a very good job! love it!

it looks amazing ur face looks great too!!

Natty G says:

That frontal immediately upon you putting it on was life! Fab!

Sandra Kay says:

That voice over O! You are hilarious !

Sandra Kay says:

You did a damn good job for it being your first frontal. My first frontal was jet black with orange roots 😂.

sinead xxx says:

You're actually so funny wth😭😂❤️

Looking beautiful girl❤️

Do you have Instagram? Nice job 😍😍😍

What is the name of the gel in the white pot please ?

Wow!!!!! That is absolutely beautiful!!! It looks like your natural hair. Like it's actually growing from your scalp. You totally slayed this wig. Its beautiful!!!!

You are too funny😂😂

My gaaaaad you are so funny! 😂 your voice over was everything.. and obviously You did such a great job with her he hair, it looks great and soooooo natural. 😍

sylhardin says:

Your wig turned out amazing, both you and your wig are beautiful!

That was very great wish you could do my hair

is this good quality ? this Web side deliver out usa ?

how long can you keep it with the got 2 be glue?

Lol…'I don't know who sent me to turn natural'. Too funny!

Mw Mw says:

It looks natural in the top but the bottom looks dry like it doesn't go with the top. Guess the top is too shiny and the bottom is too dull. Your technique is very good though. I give you a big thumbs up.


love the way you voice sounds

wooooow that soooo gr8

i dont know how to speak english 😂😂 my favorite part ! when i speak spanish people stare at me like i thought you where african american😂 im like i am….

Hi it's looking good girl

Ossa Ikus says:

Lovely I had no choice but to subscribe. U nail it gurl👌👌👌💋💋

If you dont know how to use needles n thread,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lolololol.

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