How It’s Made-Wigs

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Today they will show you how Wigs are made!!!

A wig is a head of hair made from horse-hair, human hair, wool, feathers, buffalo hair, or synthetic, worn on the head for fashion or various other aesthetic and stylistic reasons, including cultural and religious observance. The word wig is short for periwig and first appeared in the English language around 1675.

Some people wear wigs to disguise the fact that they are bald. Actors, on the other hand often wear costume wigs in order to better portray the character they are playing.




Fyralynn says:

I donated my hair (30cm) to a cancer fund last week.. Hadnt yet discovered how they turned it into a wig until now. It makes me happy I helped someone without hair now.

and now I know where Adele gets her hair done lol

Go to a wig shop and check on the prices.
Over 2 grand for a human hair wig.

If I wore wigs I'd get one made like this lol

So cool, a full lace wig

Marobobb says:

woahhh it looks absolutely amazing and natural ahahahah

Rayfelle says:

50 hours?
she looks so thin tho

neatta Boo says:

if I made wigs like he did im charging 1000 just for half the head alot of people would be leaving with half a mullet

This shows everybody how a woman's wig is made. Very intensive and difficult work and it takes about 50 hours to do right. Thank God for ventilators.

wow. now i know. gotta love how its made.

crazy how the fake colors blended so well in the end

Steezy B says:

Wig makers better be gettin hella paid for all that work

Niki M says:

Wow, such a hard work. minimum of 50 hours. 😱
only a master can do this and actually enjoy it. 👏

Alabanza says:

actually nowadays they only do the lace part in the front so that the wigs are more affordable. now a full lace wig can be sooooooooooooo expensive especially the ones made with real hair

you bald fucker 😂😂😂

jadenight0 says:

the hair he picked looked dry and dusty. lol needs more texture and body.

she didnt even look happy at the end lmfao

she looks like OITNB's Red

a moon says:

I always wondered how uh..plumbuses got made.

and I complain about crocheting my head . tuh!! lol

This is hard labor with good money

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