GROCERY HAUL (Gluten Free) | Raven’s Ratchet Kitchen

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Hey guys, today I’m doing another grocery haul, this time featuring more gluten-free items and a guest appearance from Ziya!


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-MY CAMERAS: Canon 70D for beauty videos & Canon G7X Mark II for vlogging
-EDITING SOFTWARE: Final Cut Pro & Adobe Photoshop
-LOCATION: Texas (From Austin, to Denton, to Dallas, & now back in Austin!)
-AGE: 24 years old
-ETHNICITY: African American
-HEIGHT: 5’11
DAUGHTER: Named Ziya, turns 2 years old April 2018





Could you do a chit chat/get ready with me?

I called that it was gonna squirt out! When you were like let’s taste it I was like noooo raven 🙈😂

Try the synergy mystic mango kombucha it's so good.

Omg I'm obsessed with la croix… I'm actually drinking one now lol I literally have to get like 4 boxes every time I go to the grocery store

Marcia B. says:

Wow I love these “hot alerts” lol

That ready made stuff has loads of preservatives & other crap & loads of sodium in it.

Lmfao sis the editing in this video is hot fire hilarious

Hi Raven! I'm studying to become a Registered Dietitian at Texas State. In case you are curious why Ziya may be picky – I learned that it may take up to 15 times to introduce the same food to Ziya to see if her preferences change. Hope this helps! Much love.

Hi!! Would love the opportunity to collaborate together. I know you get so many inquiries & your super busy but I sent an email 😍😍 oxoxoox

That ratchet ass apple crumble recipe you just mentioned would be perfect for RRK!! Please and thank you 😊

Ziya’s Keebler snacks end up on the floor 😭😭 Ziya -1 Raven – 0 #momyouthought

Brianna H says:

I love how your channel is so versatile! There are so many different things i can watch from vlogs, grocery haul, DIY's, hair videos, makeup videos. lookbooks, etc. I'm obsessed with your channel.

Katie Gunn says:

When Ziya said “Hi!” My ovaries went 💥😍

Ny Shawn says:

lol girl you eating everything…what is the special diet for your skin? is it mainly avoiding gluten??

Open the kombucha drinks while holding it on a slight angle, then it won't explode. I love the Synergy Kombucha brand.

B-U-2DAY says:

Thanks I really enjoy watching your videos.

i just tried La Croix for the first time a couple days ago and i don't like it…. i wish i did tho. (i am going to try more flavors tho) ….. also, kombucha is DISGUSTING!!!! 🤢🤢

Ziya, please stop giving me baby fever. 😭

Honestly, I love ALL THE VIDEOS from raven that are about food and vlogs. So basically I am a fatty w/no life . 😂😂

Are those the same peanut butter crackers that Ziya spilled on the floor the other day? 😭

When she said sparkling water taste like lotion 😂 but la croix yasssss love it!

Ziyah saying hi was the cutest thing ever 💕

Awww ziya is such a cutie

Hey Raven & Ziya!! looks like she's growing by the week!!

These sound effects had me 😂😂😂😂😁, especially the one with ziya "you thought wrong" 😂😂😁, everything looks yummy

Can you do a video of ziyas favorite toys? Or like ones that help stimulate her cognitive skills? My son is around her age and I’m curious about what toys other children have!

I’m living for raven ratchet kitchen🙌🏼💓

Thanks for this video! Yes the pasta sauce is so so good. Merry Christmas 🎄🎀

The edits in this video 😂

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