Flexpickers stacking pancakes

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RG Luma have recently installed 2 lines of four ABB IRB360 flexpickers each of which take randomly distributed pancakes from a conveyor and stack them to a predefined (selectable) stack pattern on a central conveyor and transports the stacks to a flow wrapper for outer wrapping. Each system is working at around 450 ppm. Future lines are being designed and built to cope with a multitude of different products. Call +44 1905 753700 for further details.



What about the pancakes that weren't stacked? Did they do something wrong?

streomoene says:

who are those ominous figures in the lab coats?

Gearshock says:

Agreed, where is this awesome track from?

squall787 says:

Yes I also would like to know what song is being played.

Partly True – If the production line runs at above capacity then this will happen (the system picks at about 440 a minute flat out). However the vision system is looking for correctly sized pancakes and will ignore oversize, undersize or wrong shape.

I'd guess it's a song by some anonymous person produced exclusively for this demonstration. But it's good.

3mi says:

Mh, in some years human workers will be unnessecary, that's real advance 🙁

I take your point but actually automation in this factory allowed the business to expand and more workers were employed as a result.

In the UK automation is the only way a lot of manufacturing businesses can compete with the low cost economies.

The sound track was a song taken from You Tube's soundtrack selection menu. I'm afraid I didn't note artist or title – sorry!

substituting workers w/machines has very interesting political results. Check this out /watch?v=dyqPUvL3MZo

The way the flexpicker robot does this is kind of wacky! It is weird how "he" goes back and forth with the pancake stacking. It's like the robot machine has OCD! hehe So cool!

E Jelly says:

That machine is really neat, how does it "know" where a pancake is to pick it up? As far as I can tell, it looks like the pancakes are lined up randomly.

There is a camera in front of each robot's working area – As the pancakes pass through they are photographed and their position on the conveyor is stored and tracked – The software then gives the robot the coordinates for each pancake position and the robot moves there and picks.

Merdam9 says:

They missed a few.

Shillianth says:

I always find it amazing that some one (or group of people) thought *I know! A machine to automatically stack the pancakes. We can split it up in to X many sections across Y width and then have it so that it can calculate this and that to make the perfect stacks!"

Wrebble says:


For you,who are searching for song,there isn't longer one. Put the name is
In Between by Leo Der Stapanians

Wrebble says:

Oh… That music has been used in "In Between – The Ladylovely " to : )

Song = "In Between" – Leo Der Stapanians. You are welcome.

That is a brilliant and mesmerising robot. I'm going to look at wrapped stacks of pancakes on supermarket shelves in a different light now. 🙂

nave111 says:

how does it pick them up? stabbing them? grasping them? or some kind of vacum?


A Vortex minimum contact gripper – ie blown air over an aerofoil shape to create 'lift' at the centre of the vortex – rather than vacuum which would damage the pancakes.


Thank you 🙂

Zublits says:

I had no idea there was pre-packaged pancakes

Sarah Judd says:

Now I think i know why a lot of store bought pancakes have circles on top of them…

How does it know where the Pankcakes are.

This is only impressive if you don't know that two old Mexican ladies could do it faster and more efficiently while having a conversation about grandkids. Not actually joking. No sick days for the robot, of course, but no sick days for the immigrant, either. They just don't take them.

Bro Kapi says:

thanks youtube reccomended

What the fk am I doing here

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