FIVE BELOW HAUL!!! -November 9, 2017

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Just a little haul from five below, I really love to at least stop in every month and yes we did. I hope you enjoyed my picks.

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P.O Box 21990
Baltimore, Md 21222


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Thanks for brightening our day!

Apple cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits. It's great for your skin. 😊

This freeman scrub is the best I use it everyday. And the vinegar drys the acne out.

I like 5 and below! Tfs 😄💝

Stitch!!!! I love Stitch. I'm so jealous <3

I need that POOP EMOJI for my Christmas tree for my desk at work cuz my job is the PITS … I mean POOP 🙂

Bel Ban says:

When it first came out there was a pink, white and brown. It was strawberry, vanilla and chocolate dollops of frosting, not pudding. The trend took off and the company went with it and dropped the vanilla and strawberry versions.

WOFFIE52 says:

Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural exfoliant I use it sometimes as a toner and helps with breakouts too.

Give props to the poop

Amber Lee says:

That’s stitch!!!!! Omg I love him

You should use those little bulbs for the little Christmas tree from dollar tree

Amen I just need to start buying chargers by the case!

kim g says:

TFS lov 5below too 💙🌻

Lisa, I love your videos!! You always crack me up!! "It's not a dollop of pudding!!" 💩 😂😂😂 Love it!! ❤

Im so excited we just had a 5 below store open her in my area thanks foe this sneak peak at some goodies love hugs and prayers .

Tammy jo says:

My son's favorite posters we bought frames for and hung them,keeper them nice and seconds as a great Wall pic

Thank u for sharing your haul.

I have the same rose gold iphone charger and I love it. I have had mine for over a year…well worth the $5. Great haul! Tyfs

Thanks for sharing ! 💕💕💕

How much was the apple cider mask? Great haul 😁

you're too funny, with that said, have a great night!

cuttlebugs says:

Apple cider vinegar is good for everything, that lollipop lol.. you're right what you do 😂

Ok, I need that poop emoji ornament in my life! 💩

I love the eyeshadow palette I got there. I went dumpster diving there last
month and got a bag of items still in the packs.

Amy Yakim says:

Not a dollop of pudding…

I laughed when you mentioned the candy. It looks like a roll on deodorant. The design is a bit odd. Too funny.

Mari says:

Thank you for sharing. 💙💙

Lisa, Apple cider vinegar is amazing for all kinds of things, go to Pinterest and search Apple cider vinegar benefits, you'll be surprised.
The poster is stitch, we have a French bulldog and we named him Stitch cause he's a little destructor just like Stitch. 😉
My phone's so picky, if I use anything but my original charger it gives me a message to use my original.
The DT has plastic make your own snow globes, those bulbs would be awesome in one. Oh and since Angelina loves slime thought I'd let you know that Walmart has a few different kits to make different slimes and they're only $4.95 as well as they have medium size tubs with different colored slime ( I think they had 4 or 5 different colors to choose from) for the same $4.95. I picked my grandmonsters up each a ton for Christmas. Tfs ❤️

It's Stich from LILO and Stich

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