EGO Remy • Body • Ripple Deep • Spanish Perm + Customized Wigs

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3 different curl patterns of EGO weaving reviewed. 2 totally great..(2 of them Superior Hair …really), one utter FAIL. See which one is not worth the $$$.

An honest review on this ModelModel EGO Remy Weaving hair by rhocDaVegan. Cheers!

My Intro-Outro hair is (Dark Rooted Blonde Remy Wig) – link here…

I purchased all the EGO Weaving from Sam’s Beauty –


More info on specific wigs ,weave and color in this video…

Project Remy #1 (curly brown medium length)

Project Remy #2 (longer dark blonde curly)

Project Remy #3 (red curly side part)

Project Remy #4 (red hair with bangs)

Project Remy #5 (dark straight bob)

Project Remy #6 (dark rooted light blonde bob)


DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of these mentioned companies. The opinions are strictly mine and are for entertainment purposes only.



Love the ripple wave and your pics at the end and your color choice are great with your skin tone. Stay strong and be blessed

you hair styles are hawt. i watched all your videos the other day and was like "dayyyyyum"

have you tried Arjuni hair?

Hi love your videos, what wig do you have on about 8:46, it's so pretty and looks so soft. Love the color too. Is it a human hair wig or synthetic?

mcj19991 says:

Love your custom wigs- you did a great job!

You look so beautiful!!

I wanna see your natural hair! 🙂

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