Dying My Hair Blonde // Hair Update + Tips

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Brunette to Blonde Journey http://bit.ly/2rieOf0

Although there were many negative aspects to this experience, I can’t say that I regret it. I’m glad I now know what it’s like trying to dye my hair, what it takes, and what it really comes out looking like in the end. The best thing about doing this, however, is being able to share this experience with you and properly inform you on what really goes on being achieving Pinterest- worthy hair color.


1. Dying your hair is expensive – especially when you have a lot of hair!
I spent $500 in total for 3-4 salon treatments, toning shampoos, and deep conditioners.

2. BEWARE. Some stylists will try to sneak in additional treatments you really don’t need so that they can charge you more. Be sure to communicate with your stylist. Let them know what you want and listen to what they say it will take to achieve your hair goals.

3. Maintenance is time consuming and expensive. Your color will fade or turn brassy, and in order to combat that or keep the color fresh, you will need to continue purchasing special toning shampoo as well as deep conditioning treatments for the damage, and paying for routine salon visits.

4. Your hair will get damaged. Whenever you dye your hair, you are damaging it, especially when you dye it a lighter color. Be prepared for dryness, frizz, and weak and brittle hair. *Not to mention the possibility on your hair falling out! :O

5. Try a wig first. Scratch that itch to do something drastic with your hair by wearing a wig for a couple of days. You may love but then get over it and you would have saved yourself so much money, time, and hair health by doing so. On the other hand, if you love it, then at least you now have a better understanding of what to expect when you set out to achieve that color, and that by the end, you should love it.

Thanks for watching, and good luck achieving your hair goals!

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girl you’re gorgeous

I don't speak english very well so I hope you understand me on spanish haha estoy pensando en teñirme el cabello como tú lo hiciste incluso mas rubio pero tengo el mismo problema de que lo tengo ya teñido y de rojo 🙁 cómo le hiciste para quitarte el rojo? no me lo puedo quitar con nada! me dicen que solo con decoloracion pero no lo quiero maltratar tanto

Jess Jess says:

Podrías poner traducción en español? Me gustan tus vídeos

Your hair looks so healthy, I would have never thought you dyed it just a year ago. Damaged hair takes sooo long to grow out! You are so lucky to have strong hair and you must be doing it right because your hair looks good. #hairgoals

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