DLow ” DLow Shuffle” Official Video dir:by @openworldfilms prod by @todamax561

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Producer: ToDa Max (ErickOnDaBeat)
Twitter: @ToDaMax561
Instagram: ToDaMax561
FaceBook: ToDa Max
Youtube: ToDa Max (ErickOnDaBeat). The official video to the Dlow Shuffle that is sweeping the nation
Directed by Will Gates & KB
Open World Films .
For booking
Or openworldfilms@gmail.com



Yo this shit dope let's link up how you come up with that yo he snapped real shit I would like to join your group on team

Gettho Arthur brought me here lol

hell no…dlow Brown probably like this fuck boy

hell no…dlow Brown probably like this fuck boy

Steve Harvey brought me here and this dumb af

who's in 2017 and still listening!!

terra jo says:

every time i listen to this i just imagine myself doing it because LMAOO i can't dance for shit z😔😔

MrSukmidik says:

i love what these dudes did with they culture man much love nd respect

How does one remember all these damn steps????

Iam Tori says:

Anyone from 2017 still listening?

bvby taay says:

This was that joint back in the day 🤣

bvby taay says:

It's 2017 and me and my cousins are dancing to this 😂

They need to bring this back man

hope live says:

We had him come to our school

P TWO says:

U guys always make the coolest vids ever☺

Reppin Whitney Young High School #respect

Za Ledger says:

Your a pretty good dancer

Wb Quan says:

HGH I will tell you what my address at 8A do you want to make videos

Bruh im pissed. Dlow came 2 my school only to the 5th graders. I was in 3rd grade

I'm still watching this in 2017 XD


No lie, the teacher in the begining came to our school to teach us how to dance a few years ago. In chicago

how is it niggas in chicago kill and shoot niggas everyday and turn around and do this shit lol

I don't know y I love this song

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