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DIY Edible Trolls Hair! In this video I show you how to make a Trolls wig you can WEAR and EAT! This edible hair is so tasty and will make you really happy! I enjoyed watching the Trolls 2016 movie so much that I had to make a Trolls inspired wig. The main character Poppy is a fun and energizing character with an amazing head of pink fluffy hair! This DIY is so much fun to make and the best part is you can eat after you’re done. Trolls have the best hairstyles. This DIY wig is perfect for all ages to make. For kids, teenagers,
girls and even grown up will have a blast making this DIY craft hair tutorial. You can make any of the Trolls hair using a cotton candy machine. Simple fill it with your desired candy color and make new fabulous hairstyle.
If you enjoyed watching this DIY Edible Trolls Hair video you will also enjoy my other edible hair videos as well. Check out my page to see all kinds of edible videos– edible school supplies, edible makeup and more!


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♥ Face & Body Crayons

How to Make the Poppy headband


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