Career Builder Monkeys Super Bowl XL Commercial

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Career Builder scores again this year. If it wasn’t a classic rule of advertising before, it should be now: you can’t go wrong with monkeys in business attire.



Grob444 says:

Reminds me of Detroit or Washington DC.

This must be what its like working with an office full of Liberals!

Are you cooked? Obama is a half Jew half black, his plan is not going to work

danerook says:


so wrong to use chimps as television props. they belong in the wild, not on TV.

War Thunder Managment team discussing the number of players since 1.29

Commercials like this are why chimpanzees are going extinct. Scientific studies show that when people watch commercials like this, they are significantly less likely to believe they're endangered

Chubachus says:

When people ask where my avatar is from, I tell them to watch this.

Gobiguy29 says:

What song is this i forgot

Greatest commercial ever. Story of my life… just drink the kool-aid…

does anyone have the one (with sound) with the monkey on the phone and when he looks away goes mimimimimimi

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Disney Fan says:

Those monkeys just don't listen to him do they?

Let me see, I think I figured out the symbolism…The chimps represent the wasteful, sabbotaging, unproductive Obama administration holdover bureaucrats, and, the responsible human is a Trump administration republican appointee just trying to work hard and do the job he was hired to do…

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