[BNHA] Todoroki Makeup Tutorial! // The Five Wits Wigs

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Whomp Whomp.
I’m not the best at tutorials, but I hope this helped! Let me know if you’d like to see more! I’ll put links below.


Burn Wheel:

Latex Kit:

Lip Erase:

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Olivia S. says:

“I apologize for my face….”
me: no your face is awesome! Don’t you dare say that!

Lost Wram says:

I love cosplay but I totally suck at makeup, so props to you for such a great tutorial!

Is it possible to get prescription colored contacts????

that burn looks amazing! looks almost real! 😀 😀

The struggle of loving cosplay and being a mixed child.

Please do a tutorial on Shiro from voltron

"You mean Tododokidoki?" "I call that as*hole icy hot."

yesss Fox tutorials I love it

And yes for the gross burn thing. If the boy has a burn, make it a burn not just a strange red spot!

Damn! That looks so good!!! Is ish I was that good

Oh my god I went to thefivewitswigs site and the names of the wigs! Its beautiful lmao! Cinnamon Roll Plus Ultra, I'll Form the Head, lolol. None of them are actual names, they're like jokes from the respective shows, it's so clever.

This is so helpful for my todoroki cosplay, TYSM!!!

When you think you were very late but you aren't. └(^O^)┐┌(^O^)┘└(^O^)┘
┌(^O^)┐(๑‾ ꇴ ‾๑) Love you fox!

V-mazing says:

Thanks so much for this tutorial. I was a bit stumped on how I was going to do Todoroki's scar and this helped me out.

Narut9 says:

Amazing tutorial! Great tip with the tissue! Thanks! Love your Todoroki DokiDoki! 😆👍✨❄️✌️🔥

You should honestly do more videos like this. I could listen to your voice for hours and the video was very helpful.

ZEX3601 says:

todoroki make up tuto: Make your mother angry (read the manga faggs) and slpit boil water over yourself, there is now you are like todoroki (also start hating yourself)

Amazing makeup tutorial, you should totally do more of these

Meisaki says:

Can you do a jean tutorial?? Luv ur videos!!

Honestly I love your videos… Quite a lot of people I subscribe to I kinda ignore after a while (because my interests move on so fast 😂😂) but even though I'm not even totally into the 'genre' you like ( I guess…?) I always love to watch your videos, however late I may be. They're just really soothing I guess (hell idk 😂😂)

Rae Renee says:

Magical Job, to spread the latex i find it easier to spread with the back of a spoon sounds crazy but it works for me

Um…. What do you use if your allergic to latex?

"But no man, I want him to be gross." kills me every time. Which contacts did you get? Curious since there's a variety of blue ones on the site.

Oh also a full tutorial on how to do male cosplay makeup would be awesome~~~

I'm definitely using your tutorial when I do my boyfriend's face for todoroki ^_^

youngseok says:


you should cosplay as your fans ocs

When i see a good cosplay, I usually wanna watch the thing. This is a good cosplay, great work on the scar too! What is this character from?

Omg you look beautiful without makeup 😄

I love this so much! Please do more makeup tutorials in the future as well! 😁😁😁

I wish my cosplay came out as great as yours ♥_♥

Nani Holtz says:

Love your videos!!! They always cheer me up when I’m sad

Did you kown that you can make latex at home all you have to do is mix flour and vaseline together until it is not stick but not dry at the same time

What anime is he from?

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