Blonde Straight Synthetic Wig under $50► Model Model Sylvie TSTAFFY

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Here’s a Blonde Straight Synthetic Wig under $50. This Blonde Straight Synthetic Wig under $50 is the Model Model Sylvie Wig in the Color TSTAFFY. Cheers to our first unboxing of 2017!
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➜ ModelModel Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wig Premium Seven Star Sylvie
*I’m wearing the Color: TSTAFFY
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➜ Donna Waterproof Professional Hair Weaving Thread Black
➜ Abody Adjustable Mannequin Head Stand Tripod with Carry Bag
➜ Cosmetology Mannequin Manikin Training Head with Human Hair
➜ Slant Tweezers
➜ MAC Concealer NC45
➜ e.l.f. Studio Small Angled Brush
➜ Eco Styler Krystal Styling Gel
➜ Professional Barber Shears, Hairdressing Scissors
➜ Wig Cap
➜ Paddle Hair Brush
➜ Rat Tail Comb
➜ Soft Bristle Toothbrush *for them edges girl!

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You look good with that color.. My hair thin for it though.

ItsTiffany says:

Yasss I love it, gotta slay those edges. Don't want any crusty edges.

Love it! Awesome color on you:)

Monica Lee says:

Love the color & texture!

Loving this look sis 💙💛

Very pretty, reminds me of the Simply wig

lena pappa says:

Πολλυ ωμορφη περουκα.Θα ηθελα να παρω και εγω μια τετια περουκα,αλα το χρωμα μου ειναι σαν το κατω μερος της περουκας της δηκησου δηλαδη ξανθω οχι το πανω που ειναι μαυρο οκ.Να ειναι ολη η περουκα ξανθια.Πως γραφη η συσκευασια στω hair?Και το μαγαζη πως λεγετε?Εγω ειμαι απω Ελλαδα.Ευχαριστω.😄👍👍💕💞👏👏👏👏

It's so pretty on you 💖🎀💕

This is really pretty! Great video!

Hey girl! Could u describe the density of this unit? Is it on that thinner side?
I just got a similar wig Evlyn by Freetress. Looked great in video reviews but honestly it has like 10 hair altogether, very thin 😐😒 if u have that wig also, are u able to compare them? Thank u so much 😁❤️

YourMother says:

So fine, I subscribed

You look like Beyoncé 😍

Girl I saw this wig at the beauty store and they didn't have anymore so sad 🙁 bouta just order offline cause I need this !!!!

Yoooo – I just stumbled upon this channel and I normally dont do comments, but girl u doing da dayum thang! Love this channel. Keep it up!

Beautiful!! I watched Your other video with the Teresa Wig. What is the tangling like?

Maxoux says:

Hi! On the website, they don't say if you can use heat (curling iron), can you?

I love your nail polish 💅🏼

ordered mine it come tomorrow ! can't wait til hubby come home nd see Sasha fierce lol

still costs too much for a synthetic wig

lovely on you..well ..your lovely to start with!!!

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